Nobody Saves Guide The World: How to get the fairy that is next to the water in the house of the Gran Castle region

One of the points that were blocked on the Nobody Saves The World Demo had to do with the first task of the fairies. We asked us to get five, but it was impossible. In fact, the second we saw was inaccessible.

No, there was no passageway in the house next door. By logic, it gave the feeling that it was necessary a water character to reach this fairy. And with the final version of this Drink box Studios work already available at Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC (with the incentive to greater than Game Pass ), we corroborate it.

What aquatic creature is easier to get

Knowing in advance how is the peculiar idiosyncrasy of this adventure, to unlock an aquatic creature we will have to climb first category C to the guard or the explorer. The first will give us access to the horse and the second to the slug. And if you notice, the horse will give you access to the turtle , seeing how the slug does the siren , which are aquatic creatures, logically.

And what is easier and easier to unlock? In this case we recommend you opt for the horse route, which is also a very fast creature and will come very well in a later dungeon. He only has a peculiarity in relation to his attack: attacks back, so you’ll have to hold the trigger to move by pointing without problems. You’ll get used to a few minutes.

Your main tasks are linked to that attack, without going any further. Being the other skill gallop, where you will spend man awhile rolling on enemies. If you complete the dungeon located west of the Greater Castle, the horse has come up with the horse without giving you no account (which did not happen on the demo) to access the turtle. And eye, not undervalues to this being for their slowness, which in the water is fast.

Already with the turtle you can get that fairy and explore the rest of the water, where there will be some other surprise… like the first rainbow, where the relevant cave with three chests inside, can not miss, In this case, go.

Of course, these chests will only give you money. Nor is it that you should do asks money, since the merchant will allow you to buy improvements for your global statistics, but of course fairy are more useful by going up your manna limit . That at first the game may seem easy, but in subsequent dungeons the use of skills or exchange between characters will be habitual.

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