Case Esports: The Casemiro Club Born of chance that is now the shark of the fish tank

Founding an ESPORTS club is difficult to the extent that being rich is not within the reach of every1. However, Bruce Wayne’s merit was never in kneading amounts of money. The most famous millionaire of Gotham did not become a celebrity for opening clothing stores or invested the richness of it in cryptomoneds. It is true that do makes with the money of him what he wants, but I’m not going to deceive you either: I feel weakness for those who try to improve the lives of their equals and not by those who throw rockets into space.

In the esports something similar happens to me. I do not get fond of a team that simply put its economic machinery to buy a place in the maximum European competitions of League of Legends and I do not find the merit of spending money that has enough. I prefer stories marked by Casualties, good intentions and failures in which the involvement is what makes a difference. Furthermore, I stay with the illusion of whoever does it because he wants in front of him who can simply.

The birth accident of Case Esports

Case Esports was founded in October 2020, but its presence in the Spanish Electronic Sports Scene was barely remarkable. The club bet on a single team of Counter-Strike formed by Brazilian players who competed in Spain. Too far from his land to win fans in Latin America and also alien to a national audience that did not have great reasons to be identified with the organization. Even above, in the middle of one of the biggest crises that the CS: Go competition has had in our country.

To understand this questionable foundational decision, we must know the Birth of Birth of the Organization. Case Esports is mainly a project born of illusion and chance. An idea that is born because CASINO is a habitual player of CS: GO that, like you or me, spends his free time throwing some games with friends and that it is camped thanks to his status as a player of Real Madrid and International with The Brazilian selection. However, you make mistakes if you are thinking only about money. It was the acquired status and not the bank account that allowed him to receive a very special visit.

The players of MIR (Acronym of Made in Brazil) visited Movistar’s facilities in 2018 trying to prepare for an international CS: Go tournament played in Europe. At that time they were still the great hope of the country and considered candidates for everything. The context was perfect: Any competitive counter-strike fan would want to see the legends that he won two major for his country and any football fan would be excited about the prospect of meeting one of the most relevant players of his national team.

This is one of the great curiosities of the club. In a way, we can blame Movistar Riders of his birth . Carlos García, director of the player and right hand of the player, acknowledged that at that visit of the players of Mir is Wonder he realizes that he would also like to have a team. Seeing the elite closely is not the same as witnessing tournaments, and the player took the clear determination that he wanted to be close to that. Not as an investor partner alien to a team: if not as an owner responsible for the successes and mistakes of what he founded.

Although the idea was already crystallized, take ahead the project was much more complicated than we imagine. In favor of Casino plays that he tried to found good contacts, combining Carlos García as his ‘trusted man’ with fusion with some other team. There were approaches and contacts with different organizations from the Spanish Tier, but all failed. The bad thing is that he complicated the first steps of a club maybe too biased by the personal experience, but also simplified things: they would have to do everything for themselves.

The fucking heat of Madrid

That the sports have nothing to do with traditional sport beyond the concept of competition is one of those ideas that almost all learn by bad. A lesson that also had to internalize the two founders of the club. The adventure began complicated. I came from the world of football (representative agency) and had no experience in electronic sports. In the end you realize that they have nothing to do with the traditional 1. Or you change your way of thinking and doing things or do not get to what people want, Carlos explained.

The initial plan was participate only in CS: Go during the first two years, but the situation required an urgent change of rudder that began with FIFA expansion. It was a logical expansion that I wanted to continue pulling the soccer player link with soccer game and whose central piece was the signing of nacho Bella . It took place in August and a small detail in the conversations between the player and Casino (who wanted to meet him before signing him) marks the ‘chip change’ that the club needed.

The first day you know it (Case a Nacho) Is for video call because Casino was in Brazil on vacation. Nacho’s first sentence is to say ‘fuck here’s a heat of fucking mother, I’m dying of heat’. Man, Casino’s face is an authentic poem. He stays like… What is this uncle telling me…? Then he sent me a WhatsApp, and he told me… ‘Are you sure you have to fact him?’ I told him yes. The decision to change the course of the Club was already taken, but if they needed an example that the ESPORTS worked differently, had the vivid personalization of what the industry was before it.

Even if they do not escape the concept of mercantilization of leisure, there is a contemporary spirit in electronic sports . Next to the streaming, I like to understand the concept as the craving of a generation to validate your interests and way of life. A somewhat more natural model subjected to politics at its highest estates, but also drinks the best of Internet culture and tries to normalize what should always be normal. The proximity of communication above the rule as the ABC of interpersonal relationships.

If there was any doubt, it was already resolved. The intention of Casino with Case Esports is more than being a competitive organization . It is no coincidence that a section called mission is displayed on the official website of the club. View. Values. In which it is about making a social argument. However, to transmit the message you need to speak the language of your receiver and that I listen to you wherever it is. A task that, returning to the words of Carlos remakes to join professional players and content creators who can transmit that message.

The first step of a new case Esports

Repent something is nothing more than wallowing through the mud, and that was never the best way to cleanse. After the initial problems and once understood what had to be done, Case Esports was born for the bulk of the Spanish community. Part of transmitting the message involves being in the majority games . Again we find the chance and the opportunity. Insistence Award for a team born to the heat of the pandemic that he found in the renewed bet of Riot Games for national competitions the opportunity to get to Valorant and League of Legends.

The club stepped on the accelerator with very clear ideas and, although it suffered a small stiffness to not having reached the required offer to get on the Auriga Square that now belongs to KOI , it had it easy to reach the second Division. A perfect landing that delays great results, but facilitates the learning process. More still when they have been able to meet the services of emblematic players for Spanish fans: minibike and Java defend the club in lol, while an eternal figure of the Spanish esports as Neptune Leader The Valorant section.

Everything was arranged with the selection of a team of content creators called to do rumble a message that consolidates a different project. Primer we will settle as a team of Madrid (…) More taking out projects from the office, and we want people to come to see us. All this will be accompanied by other projects that I still can not specify, but that will be actions that will try to have a positive social impact, Carlos explained to us about a case Esports who looks the future far beyond sports goals.

Maybe it’s missing the truth to talk about the history that you did. However, there is no doubt that there is History for doing.

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