Dying Light 2 is not just Parkour and Zombies: The size of your script is revealed, which will have decisions

There are 15 days left to get the glove to dying light 2 , the new delivery of the saga of tech land that will take us back to your post-apocalyptic world in a game that, although it will continue to be updated in the years Later, baseline with a capital duration where it will completely complete it will take us almost 500 hours.

But it seems that its duration is not the only huge thing that is in the title. Stay Human goes far beyond the survival against zombies and a very purified Parkour mechanics, since will have a long script , as they have announced their own responsible through the official social networks of the game, In which they are heating up engines for the launch.

The first delivery was more comedy Specifically, talk that the script contains about 350 000 words and 40,000 lines of dialog , a barbarity for a game whose first delivery was much more comedy. As a comparison, they say it is an extension similar to Anna Karenina, one of the most well-known novels of the Russian writer León Tolstoy, with more than 1 000 pages inside.

We must make it clear that the science itself will pass through different paths depending on the different decisions that we take as players, so it is understood that the size is so broad. To check if it fits well with the proposal in PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S will have to wait only until the February 4, day in which it is released on those platforms. If we want to play it in Nintendo Switch through the cloud, we will have to wait, since yesterday we met its delay, which forces us to endure a little more within a period of approximately six months.

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