Impossible mission 7, and more paramount movies, have been delayed again

The pandemic of Covid-19 caused a lot of movies to be delayed, and that includes Impossible mission 7. The seventh delivery in this popular action franchise and espionage has been postponed three times Throughout the pandemic, and if you expected to finally see it this year, then we have you very bad news.

According to Fandango information, Impossible Mission 7, Impossible Mission 8 and several other films of Paramount have been traveled until the following year. Here we leave you with the complete list and its new dates:

– Impossible mission 7 – 14/7/2023

– Impossible mission 8 – 28/6/2024

– Blazing Samurai – 22/7/2022

– Film without title from A Quiet Place – 22/9/2023

– Ninja turtle title film – 4/4/2023

– Animated film without Title of Transformers – 7/19/2024

At the time of writing, Paramount He has not said why they decided to delay all these movies, but it is easy to assume that the new variant omicron of the Coronavirus would have much to see. At this point, perhaps the right decision would be to launch all these feature films in their new Streaming service , Paramount +.

Editor’s note: It is surprising that mission impossible 7 is going to be launched three years after its original release date in 2021. We know that the film had a few difficulties in the filming set, but every time it is being done More difficult to get excited about some of these films.

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