Pokemon legends Arceus: All new Pokemon in the switch

Although the game world is currently primarily due to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft in turmoil, but next week is another big deal: Pokémon legends: Areas appears for the Nintendo Switch!

This is the first time in the history of the famous role-playing series and an open-world adventure. This not only brings some changes to the gameplay with it, of course, there is again new Pokémon. And they are all the same. Attention, spoiler!

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For the first time Open World Pokémon

While today, especially retro fans, nostalgic and many years of Nintendo players and players with the release of an absolutely grandiose masterpiece from the Nintendo 64 for the Switch come to their expense, pocket monster fans are allowed to get a brand-new role-play Adventure .


The open-world role-playing game Pokémon legends: Areas is already published on Friday, January 28, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and the players in the past, as a human and Pokémon lived separately.

New Pokémon and variants

As usual with a new Pokémon game, there’s also at Pokémon legends: Areas new monsters and other forms of well-known pocket monsters.

All too many are not there, as Legends plays in a new region called His . But it is simply the Singh region of the fourth generation – just in the past. Your task: Create the very first Pokédex of history!

All new Pokémon with pictures

On Reddit are now All new Pokémon of Legends Areas was jell act, together pictures. The 17 new monsters can be admired here. Again the note: Attention, spoiler!

Pokémon trading cards

Speaking of Pokémon, the famous YouTuber Logan Paul recently pulled itself neatly over the table and spent around 3.5 million US dollars for Pokémon cards , which turned out in retrospect as Fake !

Would you pay so much money for trading cards? Probably not. All information about the evil surprise read here.

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