Daredevil and World Champion: Silke Rottenberg becomes 50

The football still always live Silk Rotten berg’s life, but the round birthday is now available. So the long-standing football national goalkeeper celebrates it’s 50th on Tuesday only with the family in the prefabricated field, then at the weekend CoronaConform with a garden mulled wine fête in the small circle.

The two-time world champion will look back on their impressive career of these days full of gratitude. I do not want to miss anything, said Rotten berg the SID, it’s a luxury to experience all that.

Once she was the secure restraint at the first World Cup triumph of DFB women in 2003 in the US, today she is the mentor of her hereditishers. Since the end of the career 13 years ago, she works at the DFB as a goalkeeper trainer of the U-National Teams.

126 Internationals, many titles

Even Rotten berg won in the DFB jersey, which she carried a total of 126 times from 1993, also three times the EM title (1997, 2001 and 2005) and gained 2000 as 2004 Olympic Bronze. Only after a cruciate ligament crack she was replaced as number one before the World Cup title 2007 in China by Nadine Angered.

Also, on club level with stations in Brawler / Fulham, Siegen, Duisburg and Frankfurt collected the learned dental assistant numerous titles: each four times the championship and the DFB trophy, in the triple year of the 1st FFC Frankfurt 2008, she also celebrated the Triumph in the UEFA Cup.

About half a year later, the injury-related resignation followed. In 2019, she was recorded as part of the women’s founding elf in the Hall of Fame of German Football.

Which moments do you think most often? Since the World Cup semi-finals in 2003 would be against the USA (3: 0) when they drove the title defenders in Portland for despair. I will never forget that, said Rotten berg, who was then named to the World Torcher.

I was a daredevil, a fighting gauge

Not only the then FIFA President Joseph S. Latter swarmed there, she changed the goalkeeping game with the women with their active, uncompromising style. I was a daredevil, a battle SAU. I went there where it hurts.

This courage now asks you from the offspring, which she is confident, despite catching up demand as a result of the pandemic. This also applies to the national team, where the coaching rod around Martina Voss-Tecklenburg currently with Merle Fr ohms (Eintracht Frankfurt), Azimuth Schultz (VFL Wolfsburg) and Ann-Katrin Berger (FC Chelsea) in the gate is spoiled for choice.

Which country has such a luxury? We can appreciate ourselves happy, said Rotten berg, which drew a lot to the DFB team at the European Championship in England (6 to 31 July): It is a good mix of young wild and Experienced, there is much possible.

In retrospect, however, you fall on: In 2003 we were a top team with many and strong characters and types. In this point we still have development potential today. Players who carry a team, sometimes will be loud – because of Schultz and Alexandra Pop still air is still up.

This week, however, football is less focus. I’m not so the party’s party, but I am pleased that I can just spend a few nice hours with family and friends, said Rotten berg, because that’s been too short lately.

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