[Interview] “KOF15, Korean team to be actively reviewed”

SNK mentioned the possibility of participating in the Korean team before the King of Fighters is released.

SNK has been submitted query response to media for the user who waits for the launch of the King of Fighters 15 (hereinafter referred to as KOF15) since January. In this query response, Oda Yasuki PD had a time to select and answer the major questions from the media directly.

Oda PD has been “strengthened lights and shaders to strengthen the development of 3D graphics of KOF15 and strengthened than the previous work, not only to improve details, but also to express the display size and express the powerful directing.” He added that he had tried to take this two things, not only in the previous work, but also a little lack of lack of lack of a lot of things.

He described the ‘Rush System’ for beginners more than the previous work, and explained that he was able to go to the previous work and approach it more than the previous work. In addition, for the time of loading and rack problems at the time of OBT, “reported issues were solved in the official version.”

I also answered the modeling that I heard many stories from the first public. “Modeling thinks there are a variety of interpretations every fans,” Oda Pd said. In addition, for style similarity to KOF98, “I did not make a certain past work, and I have been verified to make it easier to enjoy.”

In addition, the main character Shun Ai’s rivals, a new character ‘Isla’. Isla is a character that has the ability of his hand, and is a character with a separate personality called ‘Amanda’ in its ability. Most punch attacks in the pockets of Isla are in Amanda, the kick offers a unique combat style that his kick. According to Oda PD, the beginner is easy to handle.

Dolorres is a new character that communicates with the ground, and a variety of attacks to take advantage of the mud in addition to fighting technology. It is possible to capture the relative based on several powerful normal and command catching. Finally, I have been introduced to Nestz’s renovation human ‘cronin’. A strong multi-stage hit ran and jump punch The cronin, which is a cronin, has a strong power in a simple command, and a character with a strong power in a simple command became a character that can be powered by beginners.

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Oda PD finally replied to the response of fans who did not emerge, including Korean team, and some characters did not emerge. According to Oda PD, this KOF15 first selected the character involved in the story to be linked to the 14 story, and some characters have fallen accordingly.

However, as many characters, as many characters are coming from the fans, they would be actively reviewed as soon as they are in the future request of various characters. However, as the characters that are further added to the first year of release are confirmed, they are expected to review the following lineups for further reviews.

The King of Fighters 15 will be released on February 17, PC, PS, PS, XBOX.

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