How was the bold new art style of Skebor ACT “Orioli World” -Developing Interview

Private Division is a skateboard action “ Orioli World ” to work for ROLL7, PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendo Switch February 8, 2012 (PC is February It is scheduled to be released on the 9th.

This work is the third work of the “Ollioli” series that lasts from 2014. From the past two works that were pixel-style, from the past two works, in this work, a series of three-d graphics, the ROLL7 art team is full of vivid colors and unique characters that are full of vivid colors and unique characters It is full.

In this paper, we published an interview with what process for the “Orioli World” was to be completed from the initial concept. Concept Artist Germán Reina Carmona and Reed Environmental Artist Laura Dilloway received a comment of Game * spark monopoly.

# Attractive world view is born with a tag with a story team!

# # ◆ What is the attractive art of this work was born?

  • Germán Reina Carmona
    When drawing a character or environment concept art, we started by looking through all the materials that Lizz Lunney, a story designer provided to the team. After that, he fulfilled the image based on the art team and a number of ideas boards issued from the story team.

Initially, I received many opinions from the former lead artist Paul Abbott. He conducted a variety of concepts and visual surveys and made me clarified the direction to aim at. I ordered rough sketches on rough sketches and checked with the team whether the direction was correct.

The image was clarified through such a process and completed concept art.

# Attractive characters that were born through twists and turns!

# # ◆ Important character “Chiffon” leading the main character

  • Germán Reina Carmona
    The character who repeated trial and error over the final design is probably “chiffon”. The player looks at her appearance at the start and goal of the stage, and all checkpoints. It took time, but she is satisfied with what she was made to her wonderful character.

“Chiffon” was a male character called “Karon” in the early concept. This has been changed after Lizz Lunney joined, but at that time the character was not solid. From these concepts I drew, I think you can find a glimpse of how her personality and style were shaped. It is quite different from her now!

One of the big breakthroughs in her character design was “bubble pipe”. This is a strange and mysterious item. Dickie McCarthy and Theo Droulz have become visually attractive by the excellent VFX. Not only to maximize her mysterious atmosphere, I think that I have a role in impressing a calm character at her leisurely shop.

# # ◆ “Suites of the attractive” Suites “with” Smile Camera “

  • Germán Reina Carmona
    “Suites” was the character of “Sophie” originally. After that, her name has changed, but her character and clothes are hardly changed. However, because her hair length is much shorter than her early concept, it may have been a happy change for the 3D art team!

A large change in “Suites” is a camera. What I have a camera has not changed from the beginning, but when I was, Lizz said the camera to give my face and individuality. And she was born “Camy (the real name is Cameron)”. Her well-friendly smile is really fun in contrast to the seds that don’t take emotions.

# Environmental design is difficult because it is “freedom”!

# # ◆ About the environment concept design

  • Germán Reina Carmona
    In many respects, the environment concept design is more difficult than the character. It is because there are many creative freedom and many things to be clarified.

Therefore, I first take out the image from the props, and from there to spread the image throughout the environment. Speaking of the background NPC, for example, since the map “Cloverblook” is a forest area, I was thinking of focusing on a wide variety of organics and creatures such as bees, bears, people of the stump.

On the other hand, the environmental art team plays a big role in losing a 2D concept into a model in the game and can change and re-examine my ideas, so creative freedom It is high. I think it’s great.

-Laura Dilloway
When decomposing concept art into the required assets, I first pay attention to the shape.

This year, Germán was very busy and could not get a major environment concept from him. However, when the opportunity is visited, it will be a very important time! We can estimate most of the necessary information from the image (*) below. Art will evolve freely from there.

First of all, the elements involved in the game play, that is, what is needed for route and grinde. Art related to them is based on “splines” and must use very special tools. Therefore, what can be realized in advance to analyze it in advance if it can be realized.

Next, consider how many variations of these assets are required, such as major assets to actually express the main theme of this area, such as trees, rocks and buildings. This is an indispensable process to feel that more content is more likely to have more content than actuals to feel diversity to players!

◆ ◆ Stage theme is a novel and allowing stories

-Laura Dilloway
Sometimes it may require many items only for the stages of the stage. You may need an object that determines the theme of the entire stage, such as a skateful large tree or a huge bridge.

This game has a huge number of stages, and in addition to creating a new asset that allows innovative and exciting, and stories, you have to ensure the time to build a stage. not. We continue to adjust balance between the two.

As Germán is getting some of the designs of the small tool, we will work there first. At the same time, I will write what kind of environmental items that have any environmental items you need to be able to fill this world if you need any feature items to see the outline of the stage and create a landscape as planned..

Since LIZZ came to actually write those items from the project, our work speed has been significantly improved. It became possible to concentrate on ideas such as inflatable piano and waffles that became a mountain.

# # ◆ I want you to pay attention to the “story” of the background NPC

-Laura Dilloway
Finally, let’s talk about the entire environmental team! Artists are now able to grasp the types and styles of assets suitable for that place, and you can now create the necessary items just by making me easy confirmation.

It is a really fun to review the stage while thinking about what kind of strange idea came up with what kind of wet and excellent ideas. It would be nice if you could feel that fun for all the players.

“Orioli World” is scheduled to release PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose Switch February 8, 2022 (PC is February 9th).

In addition to the main story, the “Rad Edition” of the expansion path and the set of expansion paths and sets to introduce new stages and biomes, missions etc. after release are also currently accepted.

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