Dying Light 2: Day-One

Dying Light 2 is in front of the release : The zombie action will appear on February 4th. Just in time for activation, a comprehensive update is available for download, which should play numerous error corrections. In a statement, Techland shares with within the past two weeks already more than a thousand bugfixes and improvements have published on all platforms. After several smaller patches, the release follows a comprehensive update, “the further thousand tweaks” for the console versions. The PC version is updated in “real time”.

patch notes to the day-one update

First info from the patch notes are already available. As mentioned in IGN, the Dying Light 2 Update 1.01 contains, for example, corrections for dialogues that blocked the story progress, troubleshooting for objects and KI as well as optimizations for connections of co-op sessions. There are also bugfixes for possible game crashes. The patch Notes shows that the update creates a crash cause when transferring electrical parts to Carlos in the basche from the game world. Especially in the PC version DLSS has been activated and a problem with controllers fixed. The full patch notes can be found on WCCFETCH.

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Dying Light 2 in the test: That’s why it’s not enough to the masterpiece

After around 100 hours we draw a conclusion: Dying Light 2 is great, ambitious, often very good game. But it is not the hoped-for masterpiece.

Test, activation, preloads

Even after the release, many more updates and content should follow. Techland announced already to support Dying Light 2 for at least five years. The full version activation takes place on February 4 – at midnight for consoles and 1 o’clock for PC. The preloads are already live . In our detailed test to Dying Light 2 you read what the zombie action is missing to the masterpiece.

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03.02.2022 at 06:30

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