LOL: The master play of a Leblanc and the Hextech portal that left the enemy team without options

season 12 of League of Legends is full of surprises and Synergies ever seen Until now thanks to the new additions that have arrived this 2022. While it has not been the season with more changes, it is true that There have been many controversies around the new objects and dragonas that have reached the summaker crack.

While one of them (the tecnochemistry) has completely disappeared from the game, the dragon hextech is being a total madness in terms of synergies and the game that she can give as to the portals that appear with the soul of her. But, to be told this Leblanc who has managed to use this feature in an exemplary manner .

He was the user “hackalittv” who returned to revenge with his movements and mechanics with the trickster, since we saw him once several days ago escaping from a death assured with just a flash. But this time we will talk about a quite different situation and very favorable to streamer, as it goes enough ahead of the norm l, leaving a trace in all the enemies that are interposed by its passage.

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As you can see on the clip that we have left just above, the player was trying to end the game without success , since there were too many enemies in the area and needed to escape. It is here when he decided to use the Portal Hextech to exit of any danger. But in reality, what he did was _ Baitear_ to the rivals to provoke a situation where he could return with the copy, causing one of them to be eliminated from one moment to another and without warning.

This type of plays are always those that surprise the developers of the US company, as it is a player capable of maximizing up perfection to a champion and making synergy in turn with an element of the game that It can be used magnally.

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