Those who use wild hapinas “kindness” at “Pokemon Legends Alceus”. Invite you to worry about an invalidant

At Pokemon Legend Alceus, a player who takes the “kindness” of Hapinas, a happy pokemon, seems to have appeared. Hapinas players are friendly properties are engaged with the system of this work and are used for capture.

Pokemon Legends Alceus (hereinafter referred to as Alceus)” is a “Pokemon” series fully newly developed as an action RPG. The stage is the Shin-Ou region, which was still called the Jade region. This work has an open field with high degree of freedom, and Pokemon according to the land lives with lively in the figure of wild. Also, Pokemon’s character is also different. When the player gets close, it escapes to the same time, or depending on the type, the player is conversely discovered and attacked aggressively. Capture methods tailored to Pokemon’s habits are also key to Pokemon.

And some of the unique pokémon are special habits. As an example, if you find a player, it may be friendly like a Goliky who shows Mukimuki’s muscle. And, especially, a lively Pokemon that is kind to human beings that do not know are Hapinas. Hapinas is a Pokemon that is classified as a happy pokemon. The characteristic is a round and gentle form and a stomach. As the name implies, I have a habit of she. In the past work, “eating a happy packed eggplant and putting a happy pokemon” “eating a happy pokemon” and the heartwarming gentle is told.

And even in “Alceus”, hapinas habits are alive. If you encounter a player at normal times, the feather hapinas escapes. However, if the player is damaged, it will be closer to this and will support you hard. In addition, if you receive support for Hapinas, it can be seen that damage automatic recovery will be faster. People who are troubled and Pokemon can not help help, but Pokemon, full of quality of Warm, like Qinguala, is Hapinas. Even on SNS, multiple real players introduce videos with hapinas cuteness and kindness. It is an interesting built-in that he skillfully expresses Pokemon individuality.

However, there seems to be a player who takes the gentle habit of Hapinas. One of the major purposes of players in this work is capturing wild Pokemon. And, in this work, if you capture Pokemon, experience values ​​will also enter Pokemon. Hapinas that approaches unprotectively approached to earn a large objective value is perfect. In the user post video introducing such techniques, it is possible to view a hapinus who wears injuries (though it is actually injured) and receiving injuries (though it is actually injured). It is also possible to receive a good intention of Hapinas. What a trace?

However, it is not to sell anything that the player catches hapinas. Capture investigation and explore the way to coexistence. It is not possible to handle it without handles, but it is caught as an important companion. For great purposes, it is also natural to use Pokemon’s habits. Therefore, I actually tried the same capture method in the hapinas habitat. It can be said that a large amount of experience and picture book progress were obtained and it became Hoku Hoku, so it can be said that I was happy to be happy with Hapinas. In addition, while many Pokemon discover players, while there is the property of playing the ball, Hapinas does not play the ball as opposite. If it is good, you can try to catch again and again, it will contribute to accelerating the ease of catching. Videos that contain such passionate approaches are also posted on SNS.

In addition, according to user reporting, “lucky” which is before the evolution of Hapinas is also possible to capture with the same method. If you care about taking a habit of learning, you will not be able to close it and strike it completely with food. Both techniques should be able to do the kindness of overflowing if they work hard. It can be said that the fact that it is a commitment to the Pokemon depiction of “Alceus” and the fact that it can interfere with Pokémon is clogged.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus” is on sale for Nintendo Switch.

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