Until dawn remake potentially in process

A new version of hasta the dawn, which is the horror game based on the narrative that was launched in PlayStation 4 in 2015, could now be in development. In recent years, the developer Supermassive Games has continued to create other terror titles on the same line as hasta the dawn with its 00 dark images_ series. And while I work in The dark images is still going to continue in the future, it seems that Supermassive could now be looking to revive hasta the dawn in some capacity as well.

News of this potential Taith the sunrise The new version comes from Accountngt on Twitter, which has previously had a series of internal frimmers related to upcoming games. Although the details were scarce, a new tweet of today’s account suggested that Supermassive is looking to return to the title in a new capacity at some time in the future. “From what I have heard from several separate sources, in addition to their new games, Supermassive Games is supposedly working in a new version of hasta the dawn for some time will come to the consoles of the current generation,” said the Tweet. “I will try to get more information about this potential project.”

مطور لعبة Until Dawn و سلسلة The Dark Pictures يعمل على عدد من المشاريع لأجهزة البلاستيشن

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this report is that it affirms that the new version of hasta the dawn could be “reaching the current generation consoles”. As a whole, the The IP dawn is something that is still owned by Sony, which is why the game was only launched on PS4 in the first place. If a new version of the title arrived on other platforms, it would be a very intriguing movement for a variety of reasons. On the other hand, PlayStation has demonstrated in recent years, specifically with regard to the PC platform, which is more interested in bringing games to other places than in the past. As such, maybe the arrival of _hasta the dawn in Xbox, PC or even Nintendo Switch could be possible.

What do you think about Hasta the dawn potentially get a new version? Is it something you would seek to play for yourself if it will be launched? Let me know your own thoughts about this report in the comments or you can contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12.

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