The Division Heartland: New rumors to the upcoming free-to-play spin

It’s been a few time that The Division Heartland was revealed. What was already known, the scene was called Silver Creek, a 45 player PVEVP mode and the goals of the game: survival, explore and plunder.

Now, due to an information gap, details of everything that was known so far and something new, if these rumors should be right.

The Division Heartland NEWS! COMING SOON! Excursion Mode, Prep Items & MORE!

Thus, it is leaked that Silver Creek, the scene of the game, is not a big city like the two Division predecessors New York and Washington D.C. However, a large open world should be.

This world will not only be great prey for you, but bring many dangers. For example, it is recommended to browse the prey not only after the next best weapon, but for new filters for your gas mask.

In the Division Heartland, according to the Leak, new areas of the game world, random, from toxic gas are to be contaminated, to survive here you need either the mentioned filters, or must find so-called “Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) Beacons”, To clean whole areas. These SHD beacons still bring other advantages, such as requesting inventories or the purchase of improvements.

Furthermore, there are new details about the already known PVEVP mode and another mode. Thus it says that the PVEVP mode, called storm, is similar to the game escape from Tarkov and it goes to the already mentioned goals, survival, plunder and explore. The new mode is then a bit quieter, the name of the mode is excursion. It seems to be a pure PVE mode , which partly serves as a tutorial and the player offers the opportunity to explore the game world at its own pace.

What was not known yet were the so-called Base of Operations (Boo) and the character selection.

The Boo seems to be a kind of hub world from which projects accept, acquire items for mission preparation and enjoy various ubisoft titles in a kind of arcade hall. The projects will be daily or weekly missions, as you already know them from other games and in the items it seems to be about to get some advantages for the next mission, such as to be able to choose a specific entry point.

The character selection is limited to The Division Heartland on three male and three female characters that do not differ in their abilities. The skills are then deciding on the three different classes, between which the player can choose: – Weapon expert (specialized in combat) – paramedics (specializing in healing) – survivalist (specializing in robbing and plundering).

Most recently, there was still information that The Division Heartland’s publication was planned before April 2023 . However, much is still tested much at the moment why it remains to be seen whether this time window is to be kept.

As with all rumors, you should also enjoy this information with caution.

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