Nintendo is not interested in building a “metaverse” right now

Earlier this month, Nintendo celebrated its investor meeting to start the year, and now an official translation has been increased to English to the Official Nintendo website.

What Nintendo Just Said About The Next Gen Switch And Metaverse...

In it, Nintendo pronounces on one of the topics of the moment>: the metaverse and the NFT.

“The metavera has captured the attention of many companies in the world, and has a lot of potential, when explaining the concept of the metaverse, games such as animal crossing are named: New Horizons. In that sense, we are interested in metaverse.”

“But at this point of time, there is no easy way to specifically define the surprises that metaverse can offer to our consumers. As an entertainment company, our main emphasis is in the ways to deliver surprises and fresh fun to our consumers. We could consider doing something if we find some way to offer the “Nintendo” approach to the metaverse that many people can understand, but we do not think this is the situation right now.

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