Semiconductor supplies, really 10 to 20 years will continue

“In 2030, Internet connectors will be estimated to be 10 times more than 2020. Even after 10 to 20 years, the semiconductor may still be lacking. “(Peter Benningk ASML President)

Even if the remarks of Peter Benningk’s office are a bit rough, the semiconductor supply is as clear as the fact that the semiconductor supplies is being hit by the domestic and overseas industry. Semiconductors are lacking and a situation that does not create a car and smartph1. This is because the semiconductor demand was not properly predicted without being done at home and abroad. Especially, the influence of H1N1 corona virus infection (corona 19) was large. Due to Corona 19, there is an exploding computer and household appliances as home and remote work, and Internet companies are increasing servers.

The problem is that the supplier does not seem to be easily solved in a short period of time. It is necessary to increase the supply to the demand, but it takes a lot of time due to the nature of the semiconductor industry. The tendency of the country and the continent to the weapon.

■ “20 years later, the semiconductor lack”

The Dutch Semiconductor Equipment Company ASML’s Peter Benningk said on a “semiconductor” on a semiconductor exhibition, “Semiconde Korea”, which is open online last week, “Semiconductor may be lacking in 10 to 20 years,” said “Demand is more”. “It was 400 billion units, but it was 40 million, but it is expected to be nearly 10 times in 10 years.” On the other hand, “Do not you sell a lot of equipment,” pointed out, but there is no disagreement that the semiconductor supply runs.

Breaking Analysis: The Future of the Semiconductor Industry
ASML is a Semiconductor industry, but it is called ‘super unto’ in meaning that it is more power than the number. The extreme external (EUV) exposure equipment required for semiconductor fine process is monopolized. EUV exposure equipment is limited in one year in 45 units. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, as well as US Intel and Taiwan TSMC, also known as TSMC to buy equipment.

Tom Colefield’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Foundry (CEO) of the Global Foundry (CEO) of the Global Foundry (CEO) of the Global Foundry (FAD) Because it takes time, it was difficult to unwind in 2 years of supply. ” The Power Semiconductor Company’s Hasein Elki CEO also predicted that “Demand will be more than supply throughout this year.”

The US Department of Commerce analyzed the semiconductor supply chain information request (RFI) last month, and the semiconductor supply chain is still vulnerable. The major semiconductor production facilities have been limited to supply without having to build new facilities without up to 90%. The average inventory of the semiconductor demand company is known to be 5 last year. It has been greatly reduced in 2019 in 40 consons. The Ministry of Commerce, the Department of Commerce, the world’s major semiconductor companies in the world, has been exposed to sales, customer information, orders, sales and inventory status for the last three years. In Korea, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, and others have made data except for sensitive customer information.

** ■ There is no semiconductor.

A typical industry in which the semiconductor is lacking, the representative industry is a car. The car manufacturer was not enough for the vehicle manufacturer, so that the car was planned. Last year, domestic and overseas automobile production has been reduced by 13,300,400.

Cho Sung-hwan Hyundai Mobis said, “The automotive industry incorrectly predicts semiconductor demand in Semiconde Korea, and the domestic and overseas automobile production has been reduced by 10 million last year,” he said.

Consumer is a consumer that will contract for a year to contract and deliver new cars. The system semiconductor is entered in the braking, steering, exhibition, and the advanced electronic support system (ADAS), an airbag, such as an airbag, an apparatus, including an airbag, an apparatus, a light emitting diode (LED) lamp, and the like. A microcontroller unit (MCU), a high performance application processor (AP), which serves as a brain of electronic products, is used.

Samsung Electronics and TSMC, such as Semiconductor Foundry, and the factory utilization rate reached 100% and the production unit price was expensive, but supply can not follow demand. Foundry companies have decided to invest in competitively competitive.

Samsung Electronics further establishes a system semiconductor triangle that connects US Austin and Taylor to Giheung, Mars Campus and Pyeongtaek campus. Take a second plant in Texas, Texas, Texas ($ 17 billion).

Lee Jae-yong Samsung Electronics vice chairman of Samsung Electronics has declared the “System Semiconductor Vision 2030″ in April 2019 and declared the memory semiconductor, ” By 2030, we invested 133 trillion won in System Semiconductor Production, R & D (R & D) and took the goal of going over TSMC, the world’s No. 1 Foundry company.

TSMC, which accounts for more than 50% of the world’s foundry market, has announced that it will invest $ 52 trillion ($ 44 billion) this year. I am buying a founder factory in Arizona, USA and the United States. In Japan, we invested 8 trillion won ($ 7 billion) to build a foundry plant.

Intel also decided to build a foundry business again, with two of the Fountain Factory in Arizona, USA, with 24 trillion won ($ 20 billion). In the United States, OHIIO, we have introduced 24 trillion won ($ 20 billion) to have two foundry production lines. W1tr ($ 1 billion) Scale Foundry Fund was also packed.

The largest foundry company (SMIC) in China said he would invest 6 trillion won ($ 5 billion) this year. Last year, the investment amount is 5 trillion won ($ 4.5 billion). He decided to build a new factory in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. When a new factory has been built, semiconductor production capacity is expected to increase from about 130,000 percent of the 8-inch semiconductor substrate (wafer, wafer). However, SMIC climbed to the entity list (entity list). The entity list is a list of the US Department of Commerce restrictions on exports to the United States. If you think that the Department thinks that any technology and commodity can harm national security, exports will be limited.

■ Supply Chain Journal Competition

While the investment to increase the amount of semiconductor production, the main country is the position of ‘in Korea’.

The US Department of Commerce claimed that the semiconductor production in the United States has to increase the production of semiconductor production. Corona 19 and natural disasters, political anxiety, etc., when semiconductor equipment stops in foreign countries, US manufacturing facilities can be closed.

Gina, Rumon, said, “The Semiconductor supply chain is still vulnerable,” he said, “The only solution to raise domestic production capabilities.” The US Federal House of Federal Association of the United States passed the American Competes Act (American Competes Act). In the United States, we use 63 trillion won ($ 52 billion) to increase semiconductor production. Prior to the House of Representatives, the Senate was “USICA, U.S. Innovation and Competition Act) ‘last June last year. ‘Make a semiconductor in the United States’ poured down to 300 trillion won ($ 250 billion).

China is also going to be a semiconductor supply chain. By 2025, we set up 70% of semiconductors that are written in China to the domestic policy.

Chijin Finging Chinese national annotation refers to 2018 Tsinghua Uni Group Semiconductor Factory, “Semiconductor is the heart of manufacturing”, “The heart is weak,” I can not strengthen it. ” Last year, China’s semiconductor self-sufficiency rate was nothing to be 20%.

The European Union (EU) is a ‘integrated circuit (Chips ACT, semiconductor method). Europe has developed a semiconductor, even though it has been developed in Asia. We made a new law to invest W58tr ($ 48 billion).

The Uruza Phon Deer Lien EU Executive Chairperson has opened a press conference at the Brussels EU headquarters (local time) and said, “Integrated circuits are the center of global technology competition”. Phone Dear Lien said, “Corona 19 revealed the vulnerability of the supply chain,” he said, “The factory closed the door, and the workers lost their jobs.”

Other countries, including Japan who attracted the TSMC factory, will not be alienated from the semiconductor supply chain. Japan has newly established a semiconductor factory in its own country, and the government had half of the investment.

“The United States and China,” said Korea Institute of International Trade, Korea Trade Association, “said Senior Research Institute,” said Senior Research Institute, “said,” As a result, “Corona, Self Protection Industries Policy,”. “I have to thoroughly manage the supply chain of raw materials that is essential to the flagship industry,” all Senior researchers said.

In Korea, we will be implemented by special action (semiconductor special law) on enhancing and fostering national advanced strategic industry competitiveness since July. Support for in-permission quickly, infrastructure building aids, fund compositions, tax deductions, and so on. I did not keep it to be a few trillion won like other countries.

President Moon Jae-in decided to establish the Foreign Executive Economic Security Strategy Conference in Cheong Wa Dae and established the basic law for the Economic Security Management. Early alarm system (EWS) is applied to 4,000 items such as an item that depends more than 50% income in a particular country. It also specifies 200 economic security core items such as magnesium and tungsten with high import dependence.

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