Pathfinder will launch a travel guide covering the culture and food of the interior sea

Paizo has announced a new pathfinder: lost ips book that will serve as a travel guide by the interior sea. Press LOST: Travel Guide is a next consultation book that serves to develop the cultures of the Interior Sea, the central Gollarion area in which almost all posero, the adventures published by Paizo take place. The new guide will cover the “culture, life and views of the inner sea”, providing details about cooking and art, exploring the different types of sports that are in the interior sea and providing players details about the latest fashions and festivals. _Preations lost: travel guide will be launched in September and has a retail price of $ 39.99.

Pathfinder (2e): Basics of Initiative and Surprise
Position publishes two simultaneous lines of books to support Second edition of Pathfinder (or Conquistador 2E as commonly called online fans): A series of rules books that serve as expansions for the game and the lost prepaid_ series, which serve more as Consultation books and campaign configuration guides and delve into the tradition, culture and characters of Gollarion. While the rules books have 80% mechanics and 20% tradition, the lost_press lines are quite the opposite, with 80% tradition and 20% mechanics. While some of the lost prepaids_ books have deeper links with the monthly series Adventure Path also published by Paiza for Pionero, many of the books simply provide players and DJ knowledge about which to build their own campaigns. Honestly, the lost prepaids series are some of the best card role play books currently published by any company, presenting a variety of voices and points of view that help Gollarion feel like a real place instead of Solo The framework of a world.

The following PathFinder: lost omachies The book that comes out will be Ball of Lastwall, _ a book about the orders of cavalry that are left after the fall of Lastwall, a country that was recently destroyed by the undead Whispering Tyrant during a previous adventure route. _ Lastwall cabills will not only detail the Lastwall Knights in themselves, but also provide content of new rules that include new equipment, magic objects, spells and support for the Knights of Lastwall archetypes. “LOST PREPARES: Gentlemen de Lastwall_ will be launched in April 2022 and will be followed by _lost omens: Travel Guide in September 2022.

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