Animation RPG “CRIS TALES” EPIC GAMES Store will start free distribution from next week. Speed distribution in release half a year, from February 25

A free distribution of “ CRIS TALES ” is started from February 25 at the EPIC Games store. Distribution period is around 1:00 am on February 25th in Japan and 1:00 am on March 4th. It also corresponds to Japanese language display.

“CRIS TALES” is a role playing game that releases “Love Letter to JRPG”. This work was released last year in July 2021. This free distribution is about half a year from the release. The main character of this work is an orphan girl christ belief. She woke up to the magic of her will go out on an adventure journey to counter her evil from some trigger. Christbells, along with her individuality friends, but to prevent the ambition of the Empress when you tear off four kingdoms.

Christbells with the magic of time have the power to prospect the future and the past. Her power is also reflected in gameplay, and the screen is presented and presented from left to the past, current and future scenes. She is currently getting lost information from past perspectives, and can be currently intervention to prevent future tragedy. Also, in the battle that is a turn system, it is also possible to skip the enemy in the past or future. Strong enemies may also be weak in the past, and they may be weak to the future and fly to the future. Battle and mystery with the magic of time are also one of the features of this work.

Another feature of this work is a visual drawn with hand drawn 2D graphics. It is moving to breathe the character in every scene, such as during movement or battle. In addition, a full-fledged animation is also developed in a cut scene. Each location traveling by the hero is also carefully drawn, and it is alcohilful through works.

As the evaluation surface, the STEAM user review of this work tends to divide the opinion. This work also has a point that is concerned about the overall tempo delay, and users mentioned in such parts are also scattered. However, for the aforementioned graphics and BGM, etc., most users, including unpopularous, etc. are invested. Dive into the world of this work in this opportunity, and first do you want to judge while enjoying visuals?

Cris Tales – Launch Trailer – Available Now!
“CRIS TALES” is scheduled for free distribution around the EPIC GAMES store around 1:00 on February 25. In addition, an adventure game “Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons” is distributed free of charge this week.

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