“Consider if there is an acquisition offer” Ubi ISoft CEO remarks at the financial results booking session

Yves Guillemot, Yves Guillemot, the other day, said the final briefing session to be held the other day, “I’m not looking for a desperately looking for a buyer, but consider if there is an acquisition offer.”

While the game industry is pointed out that the game industry is pointed out that the game industry is in the seller market, such as Microsoft Activision Brizard’s acquisition and Bungee acquisition by Sony, you can work with “ Assassin Creed ” and “ Far Cyri ” While the company says “We can maintain independence”, we always make decisions considering the benefits of employees, players and shareholders, and we have talent, technology power and entertainment and IT There is a value of high value assets, a rich product lineup of popular IP, which is required by a global company. If there is an offer of acquisition, the Board of Directors will, of course, consider for the benefits of all stakeholders “And Guillemot said.

Given the value of the popular IP, why do you still have an offer for acquisition? If there is an offer, how does the company respond? For the question, Guillemot did not broke the attitude “I can not comment more than this.”

Booking Holdings CEO on the importance of acquisitions | Managing Asia
At the time VIVENDI was considered to be a hostile acquisition against Hubei Eye for several years, Guillemot “Our intention is still an independence of independence,” I commented that I was going to fight for maintenance, but now it seems to be starting to have a somewhat different view about acquisition.

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