Microsoft officially renames Xbox Live to the Xbox network

After 18 years of using Xbox Live, Microsoft officially started to rename the service on the new Xbox network. Earlier in the day, Xbox players have begun to notice that Xbox Live features have been replaced by the new “Xbox Network” title, which led to speculation on the complete abandonment of the Xbox Live brand by Microsoft.

It turns out that they are. According to a report of the journalist of The Verge, Tom Warren. Warren has received a comment on the question of a representative of Microsoft.

_ “The” Xbox network “refers to the underlying Xbox service, which has been updated in the Microsoft Service Agreement, the” Xbox Live “update to” Xbox Network “is intended to distinguish the Underlying Service of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. _

In the past, there had been speculation on Microsoft’s cancellation of its Xbox Live Gold subscription service while the Xbox Game Pass became more and more popular. However, Microsoft does not intend to delete or interrupt its Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, but simply uses the Xbox Network brand to distinguish the service subscription as a whole. This means that the “Xbox network” encompasses everything from Xbox Live Gold to Xbox Game Pass and more.

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The intrigue has been thickened for a while on what Microsoft will do with the service. Last August, a spokesman confirmed in Warren that he would not rename the Xbox Live service as soon as possible.

Last Sunday, Warren republished the article in response to the rumors of brand change that occurred this week, stating that “the brutal reaction of the price of gold was certainly an internal alarm clock at Microsoft.”

In January, Xbox announced a substantial increase in the price of the service and was confronted with a dam of criticism before returning quickly on its decision. Not only have they decided to keep the same price, but they even ensure that Xbox Live Gold is not necessary for free games.

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