Start appointment for Season 4 by Stranger Things, Note on Season 5

It was already known that the Season 4 of the popular Mystery series Stranger Things will be on Netflix this year. So far, it was only known that Season 4 is running in summer 2022 . Meanwhile, there is a concrete information. The particularly pleasing news: It works earlier as previously thought.

The start date for Season 4 by Stranger Things

The Duffer Brothers have turned to the fans in a more detailed letter via Twitter. You wrote this in classic manner on a typewriter, which fits the 80s flair of the series. In it, they explain that the Season 4 from Stranger Things has become so extensive that they have decided to publish them in two parts. The good thing: The first block will already be seen from 27 May 2022 at Netflix.

By the way, at the second block , you do not have to wait long, because its premiere is planned for 1 July 2022 . Thus, there is only a break of five weeks in between.

Will there be a Season 5 of Stranger Things?

Furthermore, the Duffer brothers explained that there are already green light for the Season 5 of Stranger Things . This will be the last season of the Mystery series at the same time and should lead the story around Eleven and your friends for a grand finale . When exactly with the Season 5 at Netflix is expected, however, is currently not fixed.

Stranger Things Season 4 Split in Two Parts, Ending with Season 5


If it is the end of Stranger Things? [/ H2] Even if there is no more episodes of the series after the fifth season, it does not seem to be synonymous with the end for the Stranger Things Universe. Because how the Duffer brothers wrote in the letter to the fans, there is “many exciting history in the world of Stranger Things” to tell. It is also “of new mysteries, new adventures and unexpected heroes” talk. It all sounds like one or the other spin-off project around the series.

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