Elden Ring presents its launch trailer

Its here, its arrived. Bandai Namco has published the launch trailer of Elden Ring , as you can see on these same lines. Little more you have to see or say after all the advances over the months, but this video had been saved to teach a little more about their scenarios, characters and even enemy heads, all this packaged in a filled presentation of narrative.

They already made us the end of the final video with the overview trailer that they published yesterday, which in this case lasted something more than six minutes and focused on their setting, gameplay and design of the world and levels, just four days From the launch that today stay at three.

Meanwhile, to alleviate the craving that floods yours (ours) hearts in the official week of Elden Ring, we have prepared on our website a monograph on the tour of from Software since 2009. In the first text, written by Eva Cid, Talk about how Demon’s Souls shook the foundations of the industry almost unwittingly, awakening a latent taste and we had almost forgotten; While the second, published today from the hand of the companion Víctor Martínez, explores the benefits (and evil) that the city of Yharnam has to offer at Bloodborne .

Throughout this week you will be published the texts of Adrián Suárez about Dark Souls III and Silvia Rodríguez about Sekiro , with an article for Friday on Elden Ring itself written again by Víctor Martínez, AKA. Chiconuclear

ELDEN RING Official Launch Trailer
Elden Ring , you know, you will go out on Friday, February 25 for Xbox Series X and S , Xbox One , PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 and PC through Steam .

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