DHL and post have new service – but customers want different offer

At Deutsche Post and DHL, there are regular changes. Now customers have a wish.

Dortmund – Who expects a package, can have long been tracking when this arrives at home. Deutsche Post and DHL regularly work this offer and offer tracking now via app. But the customer’s customers would still want another function, such as package * white.

Deutsche Post and DHL changes the app: Shipment tracking possible

As DHL announced by Twitter and Facebook, the shipment tracking of packages will be possible in the future via app. Customers should then see when a package arrives, whether it was disposed of in the absence in a neighbor or in which packing station the package is.

The new feature in the app is also to save the yellow paper card that has previously landed in the mailbox if no one could accept the package. So probably not only time for the deliverer is saved, but also a lot of paper waste.

However, the customers of Deutsche Post wish a different function in the app. It concerns the digital preliminary announcement of letters that the company last introduced in the app *.

New function at DHL and German Post: customers express other wish

Desired by many a push notification, which then automatically appears on the smartphone screen when there are news about the post office. For packages, this feature is apparently already available, she still lacks for letters. Some customers seem to desire these services urgently, as is clear to the social media.

Deutsche Post responds to customer requirements: Function should follow soon

The company not only reads in the comment column, but also goes on some of the customers’ comments. Also on the wishes to the push notifications. Thus, Deutsche Post promises on Facebook: “We are planning the implementation of a push notification and asking for some patience.”

When exactly it will be so far, so it is not clear yet. Until then, customers can inform themselves by e-mail about soon. For users of the mail provider GMX or there is this service since summer 2020. _ * package is part of the editorial network of

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