Another challenge of meta … “I will take a whole mankind language barrier”

Meta-operated the Facebook and instagram using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to threw a challenge to the business that completely takes the language barriers of mankind.

The meta is conducting R & D (R & D) on the “Universal Speech Artificial Intelligence (AI) translation system ‘so that it can enable it on the 23rd (local time) online’ Inside The Lab. I said.

Mark Standerberg Meta’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said, “People have long dreamed that they have long been able to communicate with everyone in any person,” said, “AI will enable it.”

This work does not have a widely used language as English. In the meantime, human work alone is included to the language of the ethnic minority that had a seamless translation system.

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Messetta is a policy that will build a AI model that can be learned in a small data, and it will make language switching with real-time voice without text. “

Meta is especially true for this universal AI translation system meta bus business.

The Kerkerberg said, “It is especially important for people around the world to share a variety of people in the meta bus (especially (translation system). “I said.

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