2022 LCK Challenger Rig Spring, 21 win DRX Solo 1st place

[Data provided: Korea E-Sports Association]

\ – DRX, the only 4 wins and maintained only 1st place… Circle 2nd place in Kia, KT Roller 3rd place

\ – 2 round MVP, 37.5% yielded DRX ‘Pitch’ Lee Min-gyu selected… Price 1 million won

The 7th parking of the official 2-military league ‘2022 LCK Challenger Rig Spring’ begins with the game of the Rive Sandbox and DRX today (28th).

DRX vs. GEN | Match59 Highlight 02.27 | 2022 LCK Spring Split
In the past sixth parking, DRX is the only 4 wins and kept the first place in 21 wins. Circle Kia and KT rolors added 3 wins and seated in the second (17 wins) and 3rd place (15 wins), and Guangdong Prix added two wins and followed them as 4th (13 wins 11)..

2 Round MVP was selected by the DRX team ‘Pitch’ Lee Min-kyu athlete. Round MVP is selected as a vote of the AWARDS selective ends consisting of LCK CL casters, commentary, observer, and league operations. The 2nd round MVP will be awarded for a prize of 1 million won.

In the Roster released earlier on the 7th parking, the KT Roluster’s ‘Big La’ Lee Dae-kun was called LCK, and the ‘Mask’ Over the “Mask” and the ‘Way’ was newly registered.

The 7th parking shows that the rib sandboxes, DRX, Circle Kia, Guangdong Prix, KT Rolvents and Nongshim Red Forces, confrontsulate on the 28th at 5 pm on the 28th. The 3rd round is finished on March 3, and the last four rounds of regular leagues will be held on 4th. Lineup is an hour 30 minutes before the game, LCK Challenger Rig Official Instagram and Facebook , and the various content related to the LCK Challenger Rig, You can check through Twitter .

On the other hand, in the ‘Dream Stage’ where the story of the athletes who debuted in the LC Challeners League, the story of the “Frey” Jeong Sung Hoon, the story of the “Frey”,

The LCK Challenger Rig is hosted by the LCK Corporation, operated by the Korea E-Sports Association, and VSPN Korea is broadcasting, respectively, and our banks participate as sponsors.

Broadcasting game is a moving caster and a ‘Cockwick’ high-welcome, ‘Lira’ Naver game from 5 pm Naver game e Sports , Twitch , Africa TV * * You can watch it. The non-broadcasting game on Thursday and Friday will be released on the same day at 8:00 pm, the highlights are released on the LCK Challenger League Official YouTube **, Naver Gaming e Sports and Africa TV at 11 pm.

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