Pokemon Go: Corona-Bonus

Just the developers of Pokémon Go ushered in a new season, which could not be beautiful. In spring, the coaches of Pokémon Go accompanies the Alola season, which at least kidnapped to you at a tropical eiland. You expect some new Pokémon from Generation 7 – and now also adjustments to the Corona bonus of the Items smoke. Because the Corona bonuses introduced to the ** Corona Pandemic are intended to play you with initial restrictions and quarantine Pokémon Go easier. But as Corona would be no longer an issue, the people of Niantic want to return a central point of Pokémon Go to the focus: the exploration of the surroundings.

*NEW* Alolan Season & Pokémon! Pokémon GO

Adaptation at the Corona bonus of the smoke

Since March 1, 2022, you have now been able to get more daily, free RAID passes than usual within the scope of the Alola season – you will receive the as usual when turning an Arena Photoset.

Furthermore, the increased smoke effectiveness was removed at standstill of the player. After all, smoke now stops 90 instead of 60 minutes. Nevertheless, the change is of course for the players stupid, which is not the way due to the pandemic location or due to other influences do not have the opportunity to move freely in the wild.

“We observe the impact of these changes in the further development of Pokémon Go and take necessary adjustments if necessary,” comment on the creators of Pokémon Go their decision. Whether in the near future also adjustments to continue the Corona bonuses in Pokémon Go or whether they are basically canceled, that is not yet known.

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