Robert Pattinson could not choose between Tifa or Aerith in FFVII

The Batman is just a few days more to be released, so Robert Pattinson has been quite busy lately giving all kinds of interviews. In one of them, the British actor not only declared himself as a fan of Final Fantasy VII , but also said that, like many of us, he could never choose between Tifa or Aerith.

Robert Pattinson talks about Final Fantasy 7 and how he was in love with Aerith and Tifa #TheBatman

Pattinson said that _ Final Fantasy VII _ is the only videogame that made him cry due to the bond he formed with the characters of him, as well as the events of history. In the interview he was accompanied by Zoe Kravitz, and the actor explained more or less the personalities of Tifa and Aerith:

“Aerith is this girl who has superpowers to heal all and in general make the world a better place. And then we have TIFA that is this sexy girl that is like a thief and uses a mini skirt. I could not choose! “

Of course, Kravitz Actually I was not understanding much of what Pattinson said, but anyway, she was tenderly the way she described both characters.

Although The Batman premieres up to on March 4, specialized media already had the opportunity to see the film and here you can know the rating they gave it.

Editor’s note: And to date, the recent Remake of FFVII generated doubts between the community about which of these two characters was better. Of course, Aerith will always have a special place in the heart of the fans, but Tifa will always be TIFA.

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