Amazon Luna is already here and includes all this

At the end of 2020, Amazon announced its own game service in the cloud known as Amazon Luna. At the time several interesting details were released, including the design of the control as well as some of the games That they would be part of the service. Little more than a year later, this platform is now available for citizens of United States and here we talk to you exactly what you can expect from it.

Currently, Amazon Luna is available only in the USA . on devices Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Macos and Windows . The basic package is available for $ 10 per month and includes a library composed of more than 100 games. Those who subscribe during the month of March will be able to enjoy a discount of 40%, paying only $ 6 dollars a month. This price is always respected and when you have an active subscription.

The service has three main channels where you can enjoy several games. We have Prime Gaming Channel, The main channel that offers some titles AAA such as Devil May Cry 5, System Redux , Immortals Fenyx Rising , for mentioning a few. On the other hand we have Retro Channel , which as its name indicates it, offers classic things of Capcom and SNK as Metal Slug 3, Styreet Fighter II, Hype Fighting , and more. To access this channel you will have to pay $ 5 additional dollars per month.

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On the other hand we also have Jackbox Games Channel , which includes the eight Party Packs of Jackbox Games , that is, Trivia Murder Party, Quiplash, Drawfil , and more. This channel will also have an additional monthly cost of $ 5 dollars. In addition there is another channel known as Ubisoft + Channel which has a price of an additional $ 18 dollars per month and that as surely already guessed, includes all the important games of this French study.

Already finally is Family Channel, which provides content suitable for the whole family. As it happens with the other channels, it will cost $ 6 additional dollars per month. In total, whoever wants to have access to all the channels of this service must pay $ 44 dollars a month.

Amazon has not said when it is that Amazon Luna will come to the rest of the world, Mexico included, but we want to assume that its launch will be gradually, so we will still have to wait a while longer to enjoy it In our territory.

Editor’s note: The proposal certainly sounds like something attractive, although I think this market is already feeling a bit saturated. The truth is that Xbox Game Pass is one of the best services out there, and it will be difficult for Amazon to compete with something like a moon, but we will see how it is unwelling around this matter.

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