Earlier BVB coach leaves Russia without a game

Daniel Fark, he German football coach and former coach of the U23 of BVB, has finished the cooperation with the Russian Club FK Krasnodar after just under seven weeks and no single mandatory game. Background is obviously the criminal war of Russia on Ukraine.

“The current political development and the associated request for our children, wives, families and friends, to come home as well as the breaking of all athletic perspectives, now led to this well-considered decision,” did not participate in “SID” request.

Daniel Farke leaves role as Krasnodar manager without taking charge of a single match in Russian Pr
The 45-year-old, which had been released in mid-November 2021 in the English first division of Norwich City, had signed a contract with the Russians in mid-January until 30 June 2024. The contract was dissolved by mutual agreement. His assistants Edmund Riemer, Christopher John and Chris Domogalla leave Krasnodar.

Alexej Antonjuk initially commissioned the succession. For bad, who had been working at Norwich since 2017, it was the second station abroad. At Krasnodar, the coach had taken care of the former Bundesliga Power Jhon Córdoba (formerly Cologne and Hertha BSC).

The football teacher continues: “We have been very hard for us, because we were very warm from the first day. We have formed a great community with different nationalities in no time, who wanted to pursue Russian Cluby goals together. With joy and fun Unfortunately, seriousness of life has undergone us. “

When he started the task in Krasnodar at the beginning of January, the common objective with the sole responsible of the club was clearly formulated. One wanted in the coming years “not only get national titles, but also establish themselves internationally”. Due to the development, the coaching staff decided to find the club leadership around Vladimir ChaSchig and Aram Fundukjan to dissolve the contracts.

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