Secret Fashion shifts the portage of Little Orpheus because of the war in Ukraine

Since When Am I Faust? [Chapter 10 - Part 3] (Fanfic Reading - Anon/Comedy MLP)
Released on mobile in the Apple Arcade subscription in June 2020, Little Orpheus, a set of platforms developed by The Chinese Room, should have been available on PC and consoles on March 1, 2022. Only because of the topics addressed in this Title, his publisher preferred to put his portage on an undetermined date.

For once, there is no question of last minute finishes. Little Orpheus is ready to exit on PC and PlayStation, Xbox and Switch Consoles, but Secret Fashion has found it preferable to delay this portage. In a statement released on Twitter, the publisher explains that the themes mentioned in this title would seem unlikely “_ to the light of the recent global events”.

Indeed, in Little Orpheus , the player embodies Ivan Ivanovich, a Soviet astronaut party on mission in the heart of a volcano aboard his exploration capsule of the name of Little Orpheus. Disappeared for three years, man is interviewed for misguiding the atomic bomb that fed his vehicle. Although it does not have direct references to the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Secret Fashion estimates that it is not the right time for this portage.

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