Xbox Live removed from the Microsoft Service Contract

Rumors that Xbox Live Gold could become a thing of the past continue because Microsoft has officially removed the references to Xbox Live in its service contract. Online service references have been replaced by “Xbox Online Service”, suggesting either a big change of brand or simply removing Xbox Live Gold as Paywall. Microsoft recently confirmed that Xbox Game Pass had more than 10 million subscribers and that the company could transfer existing Xbox Live Gold subscribers to a different model if Xbox Live Gold was really becoming a thing of the past.

While Xbox Live references were only recently replaced by the Xbox Online service in the Microsoft Service Agreement, they also removed 12-month subscriptions at Xbox Live Gold on their website. The online multiplayer Halo Infinite will also be playable without subscription to the online service when leaving these holidays, which only reinforces the probability that Xbox Live becomes a thing of the past. Wario64, twitter user and buoyant, has been one of the first people to confirm that Microsoft has changed its service contract by stating that “Xbox Live is now called” Xbox Online Service “in the Microsoft Service Agreement. »

Although Microsoft has not yet confirmed that Xbox Live Gold was going to disappear, Wario64 added to the rumors when he said: “There were rumors and speculation lately on the fact that Xbox Live Gold could soon disappear. With more real ads such as Halo Infinite being free to play online and back-end things such that the service contract being modified, it is likely that Microsoft will soon make some kind of official statement on the future of Xbox LIVE GOLD.


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