Is it possible to play SEA of thieves alone?

Can you SOLO Sea of Thieves?
So far Sea thieves This is an experience that is best suited for the team of friends or family, it is also an adventure that an enterprising person can take. Depending on which content is needed by a player, a single game is quite a viable option in Sea of ​​Thieves from Rare.

While there is three ships Available to players with gate, brigantine and galleon ; Solo players will want to stick to a smaller gate as it is easier for them to control the sails to navigation and repair before storing the precious cargo. In addition, it gives several advantages, such as the highest speed of movement against the wind, which makes the escape in PVP situations a little more viable.

While the solo players may be more difficult to destroy the forts of skeletons and raids, and they are definitely at a disadvantage in PvP against any team, there is a sense of satisfaction that comes from swimming in the seas al1. And many quests for various fractions can be performed alone, which makes “fast” game sessions by an option for those who do not want trouble collecting team. So, although this may not be the easiest option, it is still an option.

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Sea of thieves

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