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** In July 2021, the MMORPGSWord of Lengeds appeared online on Steam as well as in the GameForge client. That’s different given that today, March 3, At the exact same time, a big expansion with three brand-new courses as well as new Level Cap has actually been published.

What is this for a video game? Swords of Legends is an Asia MMORPG that places a great deal of worth on a conventional Chinese history. You are experiencing a traditional battle “well versus bad”. For this, you will be leaving one of 9 various classes.

When on limit level arrived, you have the selection of content as:

Where were the issues? Objection was primarily for the dull degree stage as well as the reality that one needed to get to the Max level initially for the intriguing material. For a month after launch, the number of gamers dropped on Steam Rapide.

What makes the new courses? The Fuchsmagier counts on the power of thorns and also flowers and also can additionally hurt any type of challengers or approve the function of a therapist. The Fuchsmagier likewise comes with a brand-new physique, the GameForge called “woman”. This maintains a class in solo, which is much more childlike.

For whom is currently worth the entry? That is looking for a new MMORPG, has no problem with an Asia setup and a slightly long-length story, need to look at Swords of Legends. There are plenty of doing, there are several courses to select from and also you can function intensively in dungeons and raids. You have to have a particular fable for GRING as well as need to not be discouraged from the monotonous entry. Any person who can do nothing with a strong ASIA setting and a great deal of work, who prefer to dedicate themselves among the other MMORPGs, such as Guild Wars 2, which has actually just received a solid new expansion: New “Guild Wars 2” extension will certainly be swamped with praise.

What is in the brand-new update? With the extension, some brand-new material is brought, including:.

However, Solo has an energetic battle system as Last Dream XIV and you need to go aimed as well as sent out to attacks of bosses. Any person who wants for even more characteristics comes here at his expenditure.

New growth brings 5 brand-new locations, new classes, dungeons as well as raids.

What makes Solo out? Swords of Legends is an MMORPG with a strong ASIA style. The globe, the story as well as the personalities were highly influenced by Chinese culture and you need to like that if you intend to enter into such in solo.

With the brand-new extension, Swords of Legends also goes on the uninteresting level phase. Overall, everything goes much faster as well as both brand-new classes also start in their own locations with brand-new story content and also a little variety. With the brand-new courses, it only takes simply under 5 to 10 hours to the Max Level.

  • The brand-new courses Fuchsmagier and also two warrior courses: a custom-made and also a man female version.
  • A new Max level for which you can climb up 37 steps, up until the degree “Weiser 1”.

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* 3 added and also totally free personality websites.
* 5 new areas – Changfu garden, Langquan Bridge and sword summit of the Taihua mountain as well as the 2 areas “Paradise of cut blossoms” and also “Changhe mountains”, where the new classes levels.
* The brand-new story phases 11 and also 12.
* 5 brand-new dungeons and also 2 raids.

  • New maps for 3V3 and 10V10 arena-pvp.
  • A race with flying breeding.

In the endgame, the MMORPG is highly releasing the circumstances. In raids as well as dungeons, you will discover your equipment up and also obtain new challenges and brand-new degrees of trouble.

Currently, however, the adjustment to Free2play as well as the brand-new expansion will certainly push the MMORPG again.

  • Stunning asia style.
  • Energetic combat system.
  • Fair tools system.
  • A strong housing system.
  • Routine updates as well as currently an excellent expansion.
  • Fair store.

On top of that, the store is very fair. There is no pay2win as well as not even Pay2Convinience as booster or added financial. Some lovely outfits as well as ribs are behind the Paywall.

Solo is focused on followers of Asia video games and also good dungeons.

We from Meinmmo played Swords of Legends 80 hrs in the beta as well as were extremely happy with the game. However the large advancement did not succeed the MMORPG.

  • Dungeons and raids in several trouble degrees
  • various life abilities
  • Housing
  • PVP in arenas or big battles on a special PVP map

Both warrior courses, Crystal Warrior and also Spirit Warrior, placed on powerful defrost strikes, both versus specific opponents as well as in the AOE. They come, as prior to the spearmeister and also the Berserker, with the 2 field of expertises storage tank as well as Damage-dealer as a result.

[15:10] Anna Alberg (visitor).


That’s various because today, March 3, At the very same time, a big expansion with three brand-new classes and also new Level Cap has been published. ** What makes the brand-new classes? In raids and dungeons, you will certainly find your tools up as well as obtain brand-new difficulties and new levels of difficulty. Generally, whatever goes much faster and also the two brand-new courses additionally start in their very own areas with new tale content and also a little selection. Anyone that can do nothing with a solid ASIA setup and also a lot of work, that would certainly instead dedicate themselves one of the various other MMORPGs, such as Guild Battles 2, which has simply obtained a solid new extension: New “Guild Wars 2” expansion will certainly be flooded with praise.

  • Little range in the endgame – either circumstances or PVP.
  • No German setup.
  • Partially long packing times.
  • Currently a couple of players.


What does the extension cost? Nothing.

  • Male warriors are still played as excellent guys and also play the course Crystal-Warrior.
  • In the female variation, the warriors just have accessibility to the type of body “women” and are referred to as a Spirit Warrior.
  • The Crystal Warrior is clearly tough to play than his girlish counterpart.
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