Pokemon literally taken: so awesome you look

A Pokémon fan gives the pocket monsters a new look. He is based on the word-oriented meanings of their names. The results are not only extremely funny but also awesome.

Pokémon meets Doom-Guy: a new look for monsters

Artists and Pokémon-Fan Kalker begins on Reddit a new project for which he reproduces a new Pokémon every few days. ** The clou? They do not look as they remember them, but as if their English names are literally taken. For the name mills of some pocket monsters there come a few really funny pictures out.

The name “Miltank”, which is in English the same as in German, consists of the words “Milk” (milk) and “tank” (tank). That’s why the artist has broken down the cow-Pokémon short-handed into a tank, the milk shoots:

For the next Pokémon the meaning of the name became a little reinterpreted. Hundemon, the aggressive dog-Pokémon of the type in the English / fire, carries in English namely the ominous name “Houndoom” – where the first part is for “hunting dog” and the “Doom” for “downfall”. Coldier interprets the dangerous monster as a kind of roof, which were often used for hunting, and connects this with the game Doom. This then creates a small roof dog in armor of the DOOMGUYS:

Smettbo also has a strange name in the English localization: Butterfree. In which direction the artist’s interpretation is about, you can probably already think:

Through the next drawing one of the weakest Pokémon becomes one of the most powerful. At least in the world of Harry Potter. Carpador is known in English namely Magikarp, which seems to be a composition from the words for “Magic” (Magic) and “Carp” (carp) :

REACTION: Pokemon Direct 2.27.2022 | MissClick Gaming

And last but not least, we have a first-generation starter Pokémons for you. “Bulbasaur” is namely Bisasam’s english name and he is called as much as “plant bulbs” and the “acid” is of course for “Saurier”. For the following picture, however, the first part was reinterpreted slightly and it became more known for “Bulb” – “Lightbulb”:

On his reddit profile, the artist invites a new picture every few days. Also all other previous drawings can be found there.

Which Pokémon are you?

What reinterpretation do you personally like best? Do you still have your own ideas for how to look for Pokémon on the basis of your name? Write us in the comments on Facebook.

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