World of Warcraft has a new expansion and will be revealed very soon

In a pretty surprising and unexpected official press release, Blizzard revealed his plans for the first part of 2022 with respect to World of Warcraft and Hearthstone . We learned in particular from the next deployment of a new mobile game from the Warcraft Universe, but also and above all of the announcement of the tenth extension of World of Warcraft.

  • Save the date: The announcement of the next expansion will take place on Tuesday, April 19, 2022!

Official Press release of Blizzard

What could be the theme of next expansion?

For the moment and while the jailer has not been defeated, all the ways are almost possible. It is unlikely that the alleged recent filtrations were correct.

WoW Next Expansion ALMOST HERE - Reveal Announcement VERY SOON
However, curious elements that mention a “Emerald Draco Mount” seem to point in two directions:

  • An extension with the theme of cosmic force
  • An expansion with dragons and supposedly the long awaited dragon island.

We know that we will return to Azeroth and that Sylvanas will face the crimes he committed during the fourth war. This will necessarily involve very particular interactions with Tyrande, whose people were massacred and also reduced home to ash.

Since in Shadowlands we learned that the queen of winter is Elune’s sister, she herself a “goddess” in the Kingdom of Life, and that this deity has been at the center of the plot with Tyrande for a while, it would hardly be Surprisingly join her in any way. But players look for more “real” bets, they do not want more (or less) cosmic issues that involve supposedly too powerful enemies for us.

Therefore, we could be brought to go to the Emerald dream, the “intermediate” that separates Azeroth from the Kingdom of Life as the somber lands and the Kingdom of Death according to cosmology, as long as the presentation of this topic is very Similar to gloomy lands. This would explain this alleged mountain “Draco Esmeralda”, whose obtaining would be reserved for the owners of the Deluxe edition of the next expansion, being the green flight very strongly linked to this mysterious greenish world fantasized for a long time by the players.

This is to date the most plausible theory in our opinion. The hypothesis of dragon islands is also still a very serious track, but we know so little about it that it would be complex to say more about it, except that it would also explain what the dragons would do in history. As a reminder, in short, it is assumed that the dragon islands are an archipelago that brings together several areas.

It is difficult to say more to date since the jailer has not been defeated and, therefore, we do not know what future Blizzard reserves for both this great antagonist and for Azeroth himself who, according to the codex of the adventurer available in the game, could suffer serious damage during the encounter with the jailer in the tomb of the first.


As every year, Wow’s sports tournaments are returning. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft’s electronic sports, including Arena World Championship that began all a decade and a half before, Blizzard has presented two new Arena World Championship and Mythic Dungeon International.

Gamebattles inscriptions are already open for competitors and potential budding champions!

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