Elden Ring: Sound beads explained

Have you already wondered why nobody wants to sell you in Elden Ring? Or have you worried that with the death of an NPC also his goods or magic assortment is lost? No problem, because with the twin boy’s covers at the chalkboard of grace you can buy all that if you just know how it works.

Assortment extend with sound beads

It’s about it: You probably already discovered the twin boy sheaths, which are already sitting in a walk at the chalkboard of grace . At the beginning of the game, your assortment is quite modest, but you can expand it by extremely useful items such as forged stones , Dark Message or Lilies , which needs to improve ghost panels.

Find sonic beads in the world: You have the option of offering the twin coy’s sound beads in the menu. Each of these expands the offer of the silent dealers. Many of these pearls can be found if you look good in the game world. You will see how other valuable items, with a violet shimmer.

Sound beads of NPCS: If a NPC in your game blesses the temporal, you do not need to worry about it, invitation or magic. Upon your death, you mostly drop your personal sound beads that you can hand over how the others at the twins to buy the assortment of the respective NPC.

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Locations of the sound beads

At the beginning of the game you mainly need forged stones 1 and 2 as well as dark forged stones 1 and 2. The former serve to improve ordinary weapons up to +6, the latter to bring special weapons to +2. You can watch the blacksmith what the weapon needs your choice.

Elden Ring from the NPC's Perspective

Later in the game, you can also unlock the lilies about sound beads, which you need to improve ghosts. The Wiki Fextralife.com offers an overview of the sound beads.


Map Sellia Map Abbreviation Map Liurnia


  • Forged Stones 1 and 2 buy: The necessary sound beads you will receive if you defeat the boss in the crystal tunnel of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia . Tip: Uses a dull weapon for good damage, like a hammer.
  • Dark Members 1 and 2 buy: The sound pearl that you need for it, you get you if you defeat a boss in the crystal tunnel of Sellia . The expression is in Caelid . If you examined the from the dragon burned ruins in Limgrave well, you will find a way to travel there. The boss can then be difficult.

  • GostocsSortiment: The NPC meets her in Schloss Stormschlieier. If you decide to kill him, then he drops his sound pearl. Bring them to the twins to buy Banditen clothing, for example.

Elden Ring has been available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and the PC since February 25, 2022, and could dust a remarkable score of 94 in the sound beads test.

Now the sound beads community is in demand. How do you like the sound bead system? Write us in the comments!

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