“PC Building Simulator 2” announced. This time PC self-made shim glows a pc to Gingin

Epic Games announced “ PC Building Simulator 2 ” on March 10. The compatible platform is PC (EPIC Games Store). Epic Games Store Store Exclusive Sales. The release time is 2022.

“PC Building Simulator” is a simulator with a theme of self-made PC. The previous work has started early access delivery in STeam in 2018 and officially released in January 2019. After that, various DLCs were released, and console versions have also been released.

In “PC Building Simulator”, the player can enjoy the so-called PC self-made in the game while replacing the PC and replacing the parts. In addition to the request from the client, you can solve the trouble and earn money, and the custom mode that combines your own self-made PC, the role of PC parts, and the guide mode for learning your own PC..

Not only PC construction but also water cooling cooler is installed or loaded, or taking in-game benchmark, it is quite full. The design with both easy-to-play and depth is well received, and STeam has received a review of over 33,000 reviews and “very popular”.

The newest “PC Building Simulator 2” collaborates with more than 40 real-world manufacturers, and more than 1200 licensed PC parts appeared. The trailer also has a graphic board of Intel CPU and NVIDIA. AMD, ASUS, CORSAIR, etc. are also credited and the famous may be held.

PC Building Simulator 2 - Official Announcement Trailer

I want to pay again, the PC is a point that PC shines to Gingin. Fans are making LEDs light and pretty. Although such elements exist even in the previous work, the light source processing itself is also enhanced in this way, and the production of “light” seems to be powered up. As a game, it has been a large extension and improvement based on the success of the previous work. Career modes that can be used for over 30 hours are also available, and further depth is added to your own elements.

Although the previous work was successful in STeam, this work is now released from Epic Games “PC Building Simulator 2”. The reason is that Tonic Games Group, the Irregular Corporation parent company, which was the development and seller of the previous work, was acquired to Epic Games in 2021. In the Tonic Games Group acquisition, THE IRREGULAR CORPORATION is also under EPIC GAMES with MEDIATONIC, “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” developed. It is also related to such circumstances that “PC Building Simulator” was distributed freely in the EPIC Games store.

About development, studio Spiral House based in UK is in charge of. It is a development company who worked on “Troll and I” and “LUMO”. Speaking of “PC Building Simulator”, the individual developer Claudiu Kiss born with the Irregular Corporation. As long as you see the information published at the moment, Kiss and the Irregular Corporation do not seem to be involved in the new work. Under Epic Games, “PC Building Simulator” may break a new start.

“PC Building Simulator 2” will be released in the PC (Epic Games Store) in 2022.

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