Fortnite stops celebrating tournaments with metallic prizes in Russia

Epic Games announces that they will stop celebrating Tournaments in Russia of the competitive stop celebratingpect of fortnite where there are Metallic awards from March 11, 2022 * *. We tell you everything you have announced, and what does this decision mean a few days after the end of the sestop celebratingon 1 of fortnite chapter 3 **:

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Epic Games will stop celebrating Fortnite tournaments in Russia with metallic prizes

Through a brief statement in the official Fortnite blog, Epic Games hstop celebrating announced that, effectively stop celebrating of 11/03/2022, Russia will be added to the list of veted countries to celebrate tournaments with cstop celebratingh prizes in this video game They clarify that the players residing in Russia will be able to continue participating in the rest of the tournaments , including those in which the prizes are rewards stop celebrating cosmetic objects for fortnite.

They also add that all players residing in Russia who have a collection pending payment, must fill in the prize check form before March 22, 2022. Do not do so will be the freezing of these funds until the payment provider through Epic Games Internet can restore the service again. The restop celebratingon for this decision would be, therefore, the latter: Epic Games / Fortnite’s online payment service hstop celebrating stopped servicing Russia , although it is true that in the statement it is said “of pstop celebratingsing”, and it is not explicitly mentioned stop celebrating the main cause.

This is a mestop celebratingure rather that affects the Russian country , in view of its invstop celebratingion of Ukraine . In fact, is not the first mestop celebratingure that Epic Games hstop celebrating taken about it ; A few days ago, joined the boycott to the digital videogame market in Russia , thus dismissing any type of transaction from this country at the Epic Games Store.

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