Dying Light 2 Add a new graphic mode on Xbox Series X that ensures 60 fps

Dying Light 2 Get important improvements in the Xbox ecosystem. The patch 1.2.0, already available for download, improves the stability of the game and adds a graphic option in the two new generation models.

Techland alludes to A new “balanced mode” at Xbox Series X that focuses on solidly maintaining the 60 images per second. Xbox Series S goes through the same way with its newly releCorrected problemsed “Performance Mode”; Now you can play in that model at 60 fps. Then we leave you with some of the most outstanding points of the update.

Update 1.2.0 from Dying Light 2 in Xbox: Highlights

  • Fixed all blockages in up to 8 missions.
  • Corrected problems with safe zones.
  • Stability corrections on black screensors or added unexpected closures.
  • Corrected problems when sending invitations in cooperative mode.

Dying Light 2 Modes Explained | RTX Mode, 60fps Mode & 4K Mode ( PS5 & Xbox Series X )
* Improved the behavior of the Biter. Now they will be pounced on the players more often.
* Human opponents can now block players’ attacks during the reaction time of a light attack.
* Improved the reaction of enemies depending on the type of weapon to improve its weight.
* New fall physics added.

  • Now the falls work in a more natural way.
  • The falls vary depending on the type of weapon used.
  • The sense of the survivor now works correctly and can be activated without any waiting time after receiving damage or performing specific Parkour actions.
  • Added the show, hide or display the player’s health bar dynamically, the object selector and the time indicator of the day.
  • Improvements added to combat against the final boss, including improvements in behavior.
  • Improvements in interior lighting.
  • Improvements in the shadows projected by the sun.
  • Improved the moving blurred and added the possibility of customizing the effective distance and its intensity.

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