Elden Ring: Where to find a sinister shadow and how to overcome it

Elden Ring is a new RPG of action developed by fromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco. The game presents a great open world named Lands Between, and is absolutely full of optional dungeons for players to discover and bosses to fight. Here is Where to find the Fadesta Shadow in Elden Ring and how to overcome it.

The Baleful Shadow is an enemy that you will find when trying to complete the series of Ranni missions, and requires you to explore the eternal cities of Nokron and NokStella. You must also have completed the Blaidd search line to be able to find it.

Where to find a sinister shadow in Elden Ring

  • After completing the Blaidd Missions chain and give Ranni the Fingerslayer sword, go to Renna’s Rise and take the shipping door there.

  • After going through the shipping door, examine the coffin in front of you to find the miniature Ranni object.

  • Rest in a site of grace and choose the option to talk with the wrist three times until Ranni responds.

You can choose the option to talk with Ranni while you rest on different grace sites in NokStella to learn more about your background history.


  • Instead of climbing the steps to explore the rest of NokStella (what you should do at some point), stay on the ground floor and follow the current.

  • On the left you will see a small structure with an elevator that goes down.

  • Take the elevator to the NOKSTELLA Waterfall basin and rest on the site of Gracia.

  • Go straight and exceed the enemy Basilisks to find an open area where the sinister shadow will be waiting for it.

How to beat the sinister shadow

Fortunately, Baleful Shadow is not an enemy too hard to fight in Elden Ring. He has a great sword and the blows of him are hard, which can take half of your HP.

However, his attack patterns are very telegraphed and he is left completely open between his combined ropes.

For magic users, just keep the distance and Lanzale spells. If you are using an intelligence construction, three or four Rock Slings will break the super armor of it, allowing you to give you a critical hit. The body-to-body constructions must wait for their combos to finish before rushing to attack.

Defeating Baleful Shadow will reward you with the discarded palace key, which opens the chest in the great Lucaria Raya Library and is necessary to complete the series of Ranni missions.

That’s all you need to know about How to beat the Malévola Shadow in Elden Ring . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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