New Xbox console possibly filtered

It is possible that a new Xbox console has been filtered with the Xbox Keystone key name. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were launched in 2020, which may seem an eternity, but it was not like that. The next generation of Xbox will not be here up to several years, so Xbox Keystone is not that, but it can be a review of Xbox series X or Xbox Series S similar to Xbox One X and Xbox One S, which were technically consoles Xbox One, but they were also completely different machines at the same time.

New Xbox Console (Possibly) Leaked
Unfortunately, although the name “Xbox Keystone” was filtered by courtesy of some files, that is all that was filtered. Filtration does not include any information or media in the console, which means that we do not know how it looks and we do not know anything about it. In fact, it is also possible that it is not a console code name. From what we know, this is an accessory. However, its location below the previous key names of the Xbox console suggests its adequate hardware.

Next, you can consult the evidence by yourself, courtesy of the data mining Tero Alohen:

It is worth noting that, although the previous source has been cited in the past in relation to the Microsoft leaks, this does not deny the fact that none of this is official. Therefore, it must be taken with a grain of salt.

The idea that you are working on a new Xbox console is not an unreasonable proposal. Of course, Microsoft is working on the new Xbox Hardware. However, the possibilities of launching the new hardware of the Xbox console in the short term in the middle of a massive shortage of chips are unlikely. If Xbox Keystone is a key name for a console, it is a console that will not be released soon. Microsoft can not even satisfy the demand for Xbox Series X, so there is no possibility that it even more expands the offer by presenting another model in the immediate or near future.

At the time of publication, this filtration has not been collaborated by any other source or Microsoft has addressed it in any way. That said, as the situation develops, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, for more Xbox coverage, click here.

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