Oliver Baumann overtakes Eagle in Hoffenheim record

That was a game so quite for his taste. “There was a lot to do for me, but that was really fun,” Oliver Baumann was looking forward to the 1-1 on Saturday against FC Bayern Munich, “Nice that we could offer the spectators such a thing. It is beautiful That the hut is full after a long time, we play – and of it the sport lives. We have played extremely courageous. There were chances on both sides, but the draw is justice. ” Of course, the opponent looked a bit different, finally, the multiplicity offered the plurality and also the clearer scoring chances. “In my view we might be a bit closer to the victory,” said Bayern coaches and Hoffenheim Ex-coach Julian Nagelsmann, “but the draw is not totally undeserved.”

We played extremely courageously. There were chances on both sides, but the draw is justice.

Oliver Baumann

At this bonus point for the Kraichgauer, Baumann had a tremendous share. The 31-year-old, who introduced the TSG as a captain in the absence of Benjamin Hübner (Covid-19), caught a cream day and prevented multiple Munich hits with great reactions and parade. Baumann steered Thomas Müller’s attempt (42nd) as well as the post as later more spectacular by Leroy Sané (55th). He also defused Serge Gnabry’s volley shot (9th) and later fished after Stefan Posch’s rescue the ball just before Robert Lewandowski, which would otherwise have pressed him over the line (72.).

Record: Baumann for the 37th time “Player of the game” at the Hoffenheim record

Although Baumann had had to be overcome at the 1: 1 in total for the 19th time of Munich’s goalkeepers, when the pole compiled a corner under the latte, baumann was allowed to celebrate as a guarantee of Hoffenheim point win: for a total of 37th times The Hoffenheim record choked the Hoffenheim final man to the “player of the game”, so Baumann leads the ranking of the goalkeepers in the category introduced in 1995 now alone before the René Adler already in footballer retirement. By the way, Lewandowski leads the overall rating: The BayernStar recorded most of the awards in his career and was already named 59 times the “player of the game”.

Even so it was a completely successful day for Baumann, who endangered his own goal with one or the other risky pass in the player’s opening. An analysis about Angelo Stiller had brought Munich Jamal Musiala, intercepted the ball, crew around Baumann, but only the external network hit.

Nevertheless, even a Hoffenheim victory would have been possible, Andrej Kramaric would have crowned his contract extension announced before the game until 2025 with 2: 1. But the croat could not place the cross of the substitute Jacob Bruun Larsen sufficiently and failed to Nationalkeeper Manuel Neuer (79th).

100. Victory near Hoffenheim stands for the keeper

Oliver Baumann ● 2016-2017 ● Amazing & spectacular saves||TSG 1899 hoffenheim| HD 720p
So Baumann has to wait a bit up to his next top brime, but he has firmly targeted: With the next threesome he could even crack the brand of 100 wins at all as the first TSG professional. He is still ahead of Hoffenheim’s record player Sebastian Rudy, who comes in so far 268 inserts on 94 successes.

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