Deck construction type horror game “Inscryption” Endless mode “Kaycees MOD” will be delivered on March 17

Devolver Digital announced on March 15, Daniel Mullins Games, which has been delivered on March 17, “Kaycee’s MOD” for Daniel Mullins Games “ Inscryption ” is delivered on March 17th. In this paper, we include minor spoilers in the “Inscryption” main story.

“Inscryption” is a work that combines puzzle elements such as a deck building type game with rogue-like elements, psychological horror, and escape games. The player is a person who is lost in the forest, and the map will go through the map with the enemy and the card battle. This work was released in October last year and gained a very high rating, such as acquiring “overwhelming popular” in STEAM user reviews. As of January this year, we have overworked over 1 million.

The “Kaycee’s MOD” announced this time delivery date is an extended content that has been adjusted to stand-alone and adjusted to endlessly with the ACT1 of this work. Also, a challenge system is prepared to arbitrarily impose certain limitations in the gameplay. By challenging it and raising the level, additional challenges and cards are unlocked. The same mode said that development started in response to requests from many players, and beta test has been continued since December last year.

“Inscryption” is delivered for PC (steam / / humble Store). In the game, it corresponds to the Japanese language display. And the free update “Kaycee’s MOD” will be delivered on March 17th.

My luckiest run yet! If it's OP, we got it! | Inscryption Kaycee's mod

In addition, in this work, development of Mac / Linux version is also in progress. Currently beta tests are performed, and the owner of this work can participate by entering the code “MEALWORMSIGIL” in the property beta tab.

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