How to solve the “Instinct Attendance” picture in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, paintings act as a garbage hunt, and players follow the prompts and hints on the location of the artist’s paintings. As soon as they find the final place, players are awarded the subject. The key to these puzzles is that players must find a place where the picture was made, and not the place she portrays.

For the painting “Instinct of the homing”, players can find a solution by going to Dragon-burned Ruins in Limgrayiv . On the southwestern side of these ruins, players can find a ghost artist who wrote a picture of the “instinct of homing”. Interaction with this ghost will complete the puzzle “Instinct of the homing”.

Elden Ring Homing Instinct Painting Guide

Where to find a picture of the “instinct of homing”?

The painting “Instinct of the homing” can be found in the hut of the artist Limgrave . It is not far from the starting location. Players can find this hut to the northeast from Church of Elle . In the artist’s hut there will be a place of grace, followed by players to follow, trying to find the structure.

What players will get for the solution of this puzzle?

When players find a ghost artist who created the “Instinct Attendance” picture, they will receive as a reward Scarab spell . This helmet is a useful item, especially for players who have invested a lot to the attribute of faith. Scarab spells will reduce the cost of spells in FP, but will increase damage that players will get in battle.

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