[Todays steam] Gelda-style game “Tunic”

Legend of Zelda at the time of public: Indie Games, which attracted the darkness of dreaming islands, and the new “tunic”, which was attracted to the game, came to the steam from steam to steam. The game was released on the 17th of 9:30 am on the 17th, and the tunic was located on the top of the world’s top sales products, and the steam user rating is also a very positive (94%) on 79 reviews.

Tunic is an action adventure developed by Canada Developer Andrew Should We Shoulde. A child fox that was stuck on the ruined island explores the ruins, discovering the ruin treasure, and discovering the hidden secrets. Overall, it is dominant to see the legend of the classic Zelda, which is represented by the ‘Dreaming Island’, while the dark Soul is thought to have a dark Soul, and it is a dominant fun to give a “spicy” battle. Because it supports voice with Korean subtitles, language barriers are also low in domestic gamers.

In addition to this, the Elder Ring has been able to overlap with the Sales Reservation Sales Effect on the Discount Buff, and the Biohazard Village maintained the stronger the sales effect of the Sunbulake reservation. Here is the Persona 4-Dautta Max Ultra Suflex Hold and this game on the 17th, and the Midnight Channel Collection – Deluxe Edition ‘was 6th and 7th.

At the top of the steam day, the top 20 in TOP 20, the top of the top is not a big fluctuation, and the Dread Hunger in the middle of the 10th top of the 10th in the beginning of the 10th. Then, the deadbydaiite has entered the 20th, and Arc: Survival Ilove is pushed out of the ranking.

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