Apex Legends Mobile will finally publish for iOS and Android in “Summer”

Respawn Entertainment has announced that the definitive release of the Apex Legends mobile devices version will be “this summer”. We’ve Known For A While That Respawn Entertainment’s Free-to-Play Battle Royale Shooter Was Edging Toward Its Global Release On Mobile, And Now The Developer Has Announced It’s Aiming For Full Launch on iOS and Android This “Summer”, With Android Pre-registry NOW OPEN.

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The American developer confirmed last year that he was working on a specific version for iOS and Android of his popular Battle Royale Free-Play, with controls and an optimized experience for touch screens. Apex Legends Mobile, in fact, is separated from the Apex Legends of consoles and PC, without cross game and with its own battle passes, modes and maps.

Last month the game began to be distributed as limitedly in India and the Philippines, and in February the launch was also announced in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia.

With Respawn giving the last retouching to the game, today it has revealed that the final launch around the world is scheduled for this summer. Android users interested can now register on the official website, something that will allow them to obtain some exclusive cosmetic objects over the next few months. The record for iOS, on the other hand, will arrive in the coming weeks.

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