Chinatown Detective AGENCY makes an appointment

Two good news for the amateurs of Point and Click on this week particularly charged: not only Chinatown Detective Agency prepares its release for April 7 on Xbox One, Switch and PC, but it will directly integrate the Game Pass to make available to greater number.

This investigation game inspired by Carmen Sandiego will ask to solve business by breaking the fourth wall: it will indeed be necessary to find disseminated indices in real life – here an online airport code, there a quote – to progress in The adventure. Time is also a crucial data to take into account, to avoid the bankruptcy of your small detective agency. Everything obviously bathes in a sticky atmosphere, that of the Future Dystopic of 2037, the Amira agency being based in Singapore, which will not prevent it from vagabling it in London or Shanghai to advance the investigation.

Chinatown Detective agency: pixel PI (demo)


Chinatown Detective AGENCY – Trailer Exit Date

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