Teenhorrol “Qualy-Nightmare Summer Camp” to Experience Fear Announced! “UNTIL DAWN-Treaty Yamaso

2K and SuperMassive Games, a story-based teenholor game new work “ Qualy-Nightmare-Yummer’s Summer Camp ( THE QUARRY )” has officially announced the trailer.

Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp - Announcement Trailer

This work is a thousands of thumb camp counselors, and a fear that the 9 camp counselors will be chased by blood smell hunters and more horrible “something” to the last night. Any choice of large and small items in the game affects the story and depends on the life and death of the characters.

# Young people fate, my own story

Do you want to check the other side of the secret door? Do you examine the correctness of the cry from the forest? Do you want to lose your life for your friends? Large choice and small choice. Everybody affects the story, and someone to survive to the end?

Experience like movie that does not spend eyes

The combination of the latest facial capture technology and the videos writing technology, and the wonderful acting of the actors active in Hollywood, the fear experience at Hakketay quarry is full of reality.

Share horror experience with friends

Match up to 7 friends and play online. The invited player joins a vote in the scene where you need important choice while watching the game, and it is possible to shape the story with all of them. In addition, each player is responsible for each different character to determine its action, and you can also enjoy party type cooperative play.

Customize the game experience

You can adjust the difficulty level of all play elements, so you can enjoy the horror experience and horror experience. Also, if you like playing, you can watch “Qualy-Nightmare Summer Camp” by selecting movie mode as a horror movie that holds “Cualy-Nightmare Summer Camp”. Choose your favorite way of enjoying, and enjoy the horrible horror scene continuous while eating down your hips and eating it in popcorn!


  • Chris: David Arcette

  • Abbey: Ariel Winter

  • Keezlin: Brander song

  • Nick: Evan Evagora

  • Emma: Harston Sage

  • Ryan: Justice Smith

  • Dylan: Miles Robins

  • Laura: Shibon Williams

  • Max: Skyler Gison

  • Jacob: Zac Tinker

  • Bobby: Esan Supplies

  • Eliza: Grace Zabri ski

  • Jede Deer: Lance Henrixen

  • Constance: Lin Shay

  • Travis: Ted Limi

Japanese dubbing / Japanese subtitles can also be selected “Qualy-Nightmare Summer Camp” is scheduled to be released on June 10 for Windows (STeam) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox SERIES X | S / Xbox ONE in CERO Z. Reservation acceptance is also started.

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