AMD Advantage: This technique makes Windows laptops to gaming

This article was created in cooperation with AMD and Microsoft.

In this guide to AMD Advantage laptops you experience:

  • How AMD SmartShift Optimized performance and runtime.
  • How AMD Smart Access provides more gaming power.
  • What AMD Advantage for Laptop Displays, Volume & Temperature means.
  • How the AMD Radeon software improved your gaming experience
  • Which Windows 11 features provide even more fun.

Windows 11 + AMD Ryzen: For the offer action at Mediamarkt

AMD SmartShift: Optimal performance & runtime

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AMD SmartShift uses exclusive AMD components to get everything from the gaming and battery performance of your laptops. Two SmartShift technologies make AMD Advantage systems to mighty game machines.

AMD SmartShift Max dynamically moves the performance between the processor and graphics card as needed. If your games play, you benefit from a higher refresh rate and slopes liquid – one of up to 14 percent higher performance is possible with SmartShift Max. The technology works with special Infinity Fabric Controllers in AMD Ryzen processors and AMD Radeon graphics cards in conjunction with intelligent algorithms, so it is reserved for AMD Advantage systems.

AMD SmartShift Eco serves to improve the battery life. Users can themselves set a performance and electricity consumption limit. The gaming laptop detects automatically when the device is disconnected from the AC adapter and then activates SmartShift ECO. The advantage: You play up to twice as long as the outlet.

AMD Smart Access: Rapid data exchange for more gaming power

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Conventional PC systems with Windows only allow processors to access a small part of the graphics store (VRAM) at once. This restricts system performance. AMD Smart Access Memory can exploit the full potential of the VRAM via PCI Express. This is important for all data that can not be loaded into the graphics card store before the game startup. These include new geometry data and exercise parameters that can change scene to scene or even from picture to picture. The advantage: one by up to 15 percent greater performance, depending on the game. In Forza Horizon 4, which is included in the Xbox Game Pass, it is up to 12 percent more pictures per second – a welcome improvement for a rapid racing game.

Not enough: also AMD Smartaccess Graphics makes the Graphic Power Legs. Normally, Gaming Notebooks guide the image output from the graphics card through the graphics chip integrated in the processor to the screen. Unfortunately, this leads to performance and prolongs the input delay, entries on keyboard, mouse, and gamepad are reacted slower on the display. Smartaccess Graphics automatically sends the pictures directly to the display when using the AMD graphics card. This means a lower input delay and a refresh rate higher by up to 15 percent on top of that.

Displays: bright, fast and jerky

AMD Advantage laptops are equipped with High-Refresh rate screens . High refresh rates mean a smooth and sharp presentation of movements, such as action games like Guardians of the Galaxy and Forza Horizon 5 from the Xbox Game Pass. The displays provide a full HD resolution at least 144 Hertz or WQHD resolution at least 120 Hertz.

Freesync Premium or Premium Pro for the synchronization of image repeat rates of graphics card and display ensures liquid gaming without image wrinkles. The brightness of the screens is 300 NITS or higher, so that your eyes do not have to make an effort.

calm and cool in use

If the matches do not want to end in Age of Empires IV, your AMD Advantage laptop still remains cool and quiet. This ensures optimized fan speeds and temperature limits **. Specifically, AMD Advantage laptops are built for temperatures of a maximum of 40 degrees at WASG buttons and 52 degrees at the bottom of the housing.

AMD Radeon software for a better gaming experience

In addition to the hardware advantages of AMD Advantage laptops, the AMD Radeon software helps to gamble at the highest level. These three functions are particularly practical:

AMD Radeon Chill : In the middle of the action, a fluid motion representation is crucial. Radeon Chill increases the refresh rate for quick movements to a particular level and reduces it when you walk comfortably through the game world. This saves electricity and protects the battery.

AMD Radeon Boost : Radeon Boost can also contribute to liquid action in titles like the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy contained in the Xbox Game Pass. The function detects fast movements based on user input and then reduces the resolution of individual images. The difference barely notes in the action and enjoys the advantage of a higher refresh rate.

AMD Radeon Anti-Lag : This function reduces the input delay, your commands on keyboard, mouse and gamepad are thus implemented faster on the screen. For this purpose, Radeon’s anti-lay ensures that the processor’s graphics calculations are not too far ahead so that the processor does not have to hold back any preparation.

Thus, Windows 11 ensures even more fun

AMD Gaming Laptops Get Better Than Ever in 2022!

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Windows 11 enriches AMD Advantage laptops around great gaming features. They improve performance, presentation quality and accessibility to current top games. Thanks to these functions, Windows 11 is the best Windows for gaming :

  • Auto HDR : The new interface DIRECTX 12 Ultimate brings Auto Dynamic Range (HDR) from the Xbox Series consoles to the PC. The function will shine your conventional Dynamic Range (SDR) games in new splendor. Saturation, deep and radiant highlights will inspire you.
  • Director Storage : Also from the Xbox Series consoles, the function Director Storage comes. It is responsible for the fact that graphic data is much faster than before from the SSD to the graphics card. This avoids open objects and accelerating textures in the game, as well as direct support improves loading times.
  • PC Game Pass : With the game subsp PC Game Pass gets access to over 100 games of different genres. The latest hits are added regularly and it’s something for every taste. These include strategy games such as the Age of Empires series, racing games of the Forza Horizon series and the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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