The new free games of Xbox Live Gold can be the most disappointing so far

Xbox Live Gold subscribers at Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have two new free games, and can be the most disappointing combination of Xbox Live Gold games so far. Since March 1, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download the flame in the free flood. However, this is not one of the two games in question. _The calls in the flood is a well-considered game. The subscribers of Xbox Live Gold could also download sgraded 2 Ángel fallen until a few days ago when it was replaced by the aforementioned pair of newer free games: _ SHOCO DE POWER POWER AND The truth or the sponge Bob Square.

The first is a 2020 game of the SFL Interactive and Gamajun developers and the NACON editor. It has a 41 in Metacritic. The other game is a game of Xbox 360 of Heavy Iron Studios that has a 40 in Metacritic. If you are not interested in any of these games, even as free downloads, it is not alone.

As mentioned, the offer of Games with Gold of Xbox Live Gold has been in a downward trajectory for years and is at the limit of a Meme within the Xbox community at this time. That said, this can be a new low point for the subscription service. It is obvious at this point that Xbox is focusing only on Xbox Game Pass.

Why Has Xbox Games With Gold Been So Disappointing Lately? - IGN Daily Fix
Next, you can read more about both games and see an advance of both games, courtesy of Xbox:

Street power soccer: Show your sickly style in this fast and full version of action of the beautiful game. Test tricks, exaggerated game modes and play areas, and release your football superpowers. Cook up street legends or your friends in a game to determine who will claim the crown of the king of the street! “

The truth or the sponge Bob square: «SpongeBob has lost Krabby Patty’s secret formula. With your help and the help of some Bikini background friends, Sponge Bob should use the Plankton memory machine to return on the happiest moments of him and find the formula. “

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