FIFA 22: Title-Update 8 brakes idiosyncratic goalkeeper

Only about a week is that EA Sports has provided the seventh Title update and the fourth live tuning update for the console players of FIFA 22. Sustainably, both patches did not seem to have been, the developer already pushes the eighth Title update afterwards.

The focus is on the focus again on the gameplay – and a team part, the EA Sports has not finally reached for months: the goalkeepers are supposed to “in rare cases” on the opposing attacker in possession of the possession, although they were not instructed.

The developer wants to expel the clutter with Title Update 8. In addition, a skill-MOVE will be adapted again: the drag to drag will be to be interrupted earlier in the animation in the future, insofar as it is executed with the correct analog input.

Last minute gates do not count

Other gameplay bug fixes deal with the lack of automatic player change after the opponent’s flanks, last minute gates that are not credited to the result, and a slightly too long first kick-off animation in co-matches.

Among the Title Update 8 modes are Volta and Pro Clubs: Volta Arcade was partly displayed as not available, although the game form could be selected. In addition, red balls have occasionally used on red ground, which led to visual problems.

Info display and player faces

In the Pro Club mode, the information about clubs and virtual pros disappear in the course of drop-in invitations. Adjustments to jerseys and stadiums include the standard repertoire of the FIFA 22 patches, including 51 new player faces are added by additional server update.

For PC players via Origin and Steam, Title-Update 8 is likely to download during the course of Tuesday. Console users at the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will probably have to be patient as usual for a few days longer.

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